7/26/2013 — Kansas / Oklahoma RADAR pulse (HAARP ring) confirmation — major storm outbreak

During the afternoon of July 24, 2013, a series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” were seen across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

seen in this video here:


Move forward approximately 24 hours from the point of the pulses occurring, and MAJOR storms develop directly under the pulsed areas.

Hail, damaging winds, and flooding rain directly over Central Oklahoma through Central Kansas — moving eastward towards Wichita Kansas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

kansas oklahoma radar pulse haarp ring confirmation july 26 2013


Kansas flooding :



Oklahoma flooding:


Wichita KS RADAR pulse:




Vance Air Force base , Oklahoma RADAR pulse:




NO DATA AVAILABLE FOR TULSA OKLAHOMA !  (seen in the video at approximately the 3min mark – clearly in operation )


Red Cloud, Nebraska RADAR pulse :




More about what I believe is occurring here — Radio Frequency modification of the weather:



Past RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” / Scalar Square events here:


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