8/10/2013 — The video that got my account terminated — Huntsville RADAR mystery = BAE Systems, DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc., Raytheon

Watch the “controversial” and “objectionable” video which led to my account termination here:

dutch bae



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This is the ONLY notice I received — according to youtube , they can remove your account with JUST ONE community guideline violation (if it is serious enough).

screenshot of the youtube “violation”:

youtube notice


(screenshot of the topic of the video):

huntsville radar mystery






Here is the original “Huntsville RADAR mystery” post from June 5, 2013:





UPDATE 200pm CT Aug 10, 2013 / This video attachment below is not playing now for some reason… wth?!

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LOL @ trying to stop this — funny all the other videos on this site play just fine.



8/8/2013 — Kitchener / Toronto Canada — RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” .. very strong return

August 8, 2013, approximately 4pm CT, a very large RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” appeared out of the Kitchener / Toronto Canada RADAR station.


We don’t normally see too many of these types of pulses — a fully illuminated hollow ring is not an everyday occurrence.

The Canadian RADAR sent a large burst of microwaves out to the perimeter (to the edge of its coverage area).  This pulse is actually targeted upwards / outwards from the base station — causing only the ring edge to experience the brunt of the pulse — notice the “hollow” center — better called a “silent” center.

Watch the center of the pulse for up to 72 hours from the point of emission for possible severe weather to develop — hail, damaging winds, and even the possibility of spot tornadoes.

toronto haarp ring radar pulse aug 8 2013 430pm5

toronto haarp ring radar pulse aug 8 2013 430pm4

toronto haarp ring radar pulse aug 8 2013 430pm2

toronto haarp ring radar pulse aug 8 2013 430pm

toronto haarp ring radar pulse aug 8 2013 430pm9

toronto haarp ring radar pulse aug 8 2013 430pm8

toronto haarp ring radar pulse aug 8 2013 430pm6


Read more about frequency weather modification here:

See past documented events similar to this:


or click this thumbnail to view all past documented RADAR pulses:

radar pulse haarp ring new mexico july 28 2013