9/3/2013 — Texas Fracking Earthquakes 4.3M + 4.2M @ Injection Well Operation

Video information here:


4.2 and 4.3M earthquakes in Eastern Texas (again): Frack / Injection wells.. man made earthquakes



timpson texas earthquake sept 2 2013

This has happened a few times before over the past year or so:


Always have an earthquake plan ready, and be prepared.  If mother nature doesn’t hit you with movement, a human corporation seeking profit might strike.

In this case, greed is leading to earthquakes.  It won’t stop until a large earthquake causes major damage, and loss of life.

Here is a basic instructional video on how to look up fracking earthquakes:


Watch in HD full screen to see the minute details of the fracking operations.

Multiple earthquake monitoring links here (national and international):



4 thoughts on “9/3/2013 — Texas Fracking Earthquakes 4.3M + 4.2M @ Injection Well Operation

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