9/28/2013 — Kansas Scalar RADAR / “HAARP ring” confirmation — Round 2 — Tornadoes , Hail, and Damaging winds

The previous line of storms has pushed directly across the RADAR pulsed area from September 26, producing possible tornadoes, damaging hail, and damaging winds.

At approximately noon on September 26, 2013 … a series of Scalar RADAR pulses / ‘HAARP rings’ occurred across the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

Seen in this video here:



Move forward roughly 36 hours from the point of the pulses occurring, and we now see possible tornadoes, damaging winds, and damaging hail have developed directly under / across the pulsed area of Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

click to view full size:

scalar radar haarp ring confirmation sept 28 2013

kansas tornado sept 28 2013


This outbreak began about 12 hours ago.  See the documentation here:



Watch a recent video regarding weather modification via frequency, explaining how the process works:




How can frequency induce CCN (cloud condensation nuclei)?  Here is a real life example:


Dunes in the Empty Quarter, 1,000 mile area of dunes and desert, not crossed until 20th century, Arabian Peninsula, Sultanate of


Tornadoes created via microwaves (laboratory experiment):


tornado microwave


Well over 100 documented cases of RF (radio frequency) pulses causing weather phenomenon:


chicago radar pulse sept 11 2013


Longer explanation of RADAR pulses / ‘HAARP rings’ / Scalar Squares:




Read much more on the topic of frequency manipulation of the weather here:


nexrad haarp


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