10/27/2013 — Two Oklahoma Fracking Earthquakes — 3.1M + 2.5M inside large pumping operations

Back again to Oklahoma, with their out of control fracking earthquake issue.  Two earthquakes at two different injection / pumping operations.

First, another 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck inside an area which has produced several other seismic events in the past few months…


click to view full size:

oklahoma fracking earthquake oct 26 2013

Event Time

  1. 2013-10-26 03:04:22 UTC
  2. 2013-10-25 22:04:22 UTC-05:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-10-25 22:04:22 UTC-05:00 system time


36.455°N 97.846°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 7km (4mi) NNE of Enid, Oklahoma
  2. 73km (45mi) WSW of Ponca City, Oklahoma
  3. 74km (46mi) NNW of Guthrie, Oklahoma
  4. 80km (50mi) WNW of Stillwater, Oklahoma
  5. 113km (70mi) NNW of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Now, on to the 2nd earthquake in 24 hours.  Another injection / pumping operation, one we haven’t seen too much activity at before today…… a 2.5 magnitude very close to a collection tank hub for the area.  Again, inside a very large group of wells.


click to view full size:

oklahoma fracking earthquake oct 27 2013

Event Time

  1. 2013-10-27 07:20:30 UTC
  2. 2013-10-27 02:20:30 UTC-05:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-10-27 02:20:30 UTC-05:00 system time


36.085°N 96.726°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 4km (2mi) SW of Yale, Oklahoma
  2. 30km (19mi) E of Stillwater, Oklahoma
  3. 55km (34mi) W of Sapulpa, Oklahoma
  4. 55km (34mi) W of Sand Springs, Oklahoma
  5. 98km (61mi) NE of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


This movement was expected .. watch the video update calling for it here:


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10/25/2013 — 7.2M earthquake directly underneath Typhoon Lekima + Tropical Storm Francisco

Video update here:



Microwave Background imagery from CIMSS / SSEC of the West Pacific.

.gif animation (click to view full size):

7.2m earthquake oct 25 2013



Screenshot mashup of the two storms near the time of the Earthquake along with their location during the event:

lekima francisco typhoon earthquake conjunction oct 25 2013



On October 25, 2013 at 1710UTC, a 7.2M earthquake struck off the eastern shores of Japan.  Ironically, at the same time as the earthquake, in the same direct area, Tropical Storm Francisco (formerly Typhoon Francisco), and Typhoon Lekima both intersected in the same area as the 7.2M earthquake AT THE SAME TIME .

Several viewers might recall this from a few days ago, Typhoon Lekima was the storm created by a very large microwave pulse on October 18th, 2013.

See the original microwave pulse which formed Typhoon Lekima here:



In a very strange turn of events, today, after the 7.2M earthquake, BOTH named storms WERE REMOVED FROM THE MAPS!  Tropical Storm Francisco (even though its off the east coast of Japan) was downgraded, and Typhoon Lekima, which was a Category 3 Typhoon last night, was magically downgraded and wiped off the map as well.

However, you can clearly see in the .gif animation at the start of this post,both storms still exist, rotation still exists, high winds, and heavy precipitation still exists. So why downgrade and wipe the storms in such a rushed manner?

The answer is obvious.  “They” do not want people to put 2+2 together on this.

Here is the info for Typhoon Lekima as of late October 23rd, going into October 24th… just one day ago.


Tropical storm and Typhoon information here:


and here:





How can radio frequency induce weather events?  Start learning here:



Or you can begin by watching several videos here:

10/21/2013 — Two Typhoons, One Hurricane, One Tropical Storm, and Three Invest areas!

This will be a lot of graphics to take in, nonetheless, here we go.

First, a screenshot of all the current named / numbered tropical storms (globally) from a site which I recommend you bookmark for future use.  The SSEC / CIMSS tropical storm status page.


all NOAA storm links here:


We will only be looking at the three major storms, Typhoon Francisco, Typhoon Lekima, and Hurricane Raymond.  Keep an eye on Tropical Storm 13, and the three “invest” areas for near term future tropical development.

tropical storms worldwide oct 21 2013

(All shots below are .gif animations, if they do not load on your computer, pad, or mobile device, click the picture to load individually)

Beginning in Asia:

As of today, October 21st 2013, we have two typhoons (Francisco, and Lekima) in the West Pacific.  Both on a Northwest track towards the general direction of Japan.  However, it appears only one of these storms will be effecting the Japanese mainland, Typhoon Francisco.

Typhoon Francisco has pulled further west than expected, as it passed east of the Philippines and Taiwan, the storm fell into a low pressure void slightly to the west of the current tropical low.  This in turn caused the entire typhoon to move on a Northwest Track, now bringing the typhoon towards the Japanese coast, towards Tokyo, Fukushima, and the already damaged areas from the 2011 tsunami.

typhoon francisco oct 21 2013


Microwave background Imagery seen here:


latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013

latest72hrsfrancisco east pacific oct 21 2013


Typhoon Francisco (latest shots from NOAA and SSEC/CIMSS 715pm CT Oct 21 2013):

last48hrs francisco cimss oct 21 2013

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aaa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013aa

latest72hrsfrancisco oct 21 2013a

last48hrs francisco cimss oct 21 2013a



Typhoon Lekima (latest shots from NOAA and SSEC/CIMSS 715pm CT Oct 21 2013):

Now lets address Typhoon Lekima, also , like Typhoon Francisco, moving North by Northwest across the West Pacific.  However, unlike Francisco, Typhoon Lekima will stay out to sea, and make a turn Northeast once it passes into the shearing forces of the northerly jet stream, pulling across the North Pacific from Russia while moving towards Alaska.

typhoon lekima oct 21 2013 plot

last24hrs lekima oct 21 2013

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaaaaaaaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaaaaaaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaaaaaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaaaaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaaaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aaa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013aa

lekima typhoon oct 21 2013a

lekima cimss oct 21 2013aaaaa

lekima cimss oct 21 2013aaaa

lekima cimss oct 21 2013aaa

lekima cimss oct 21 2013aa

lekima cimss oct 21 2013a

last24hrs lekima oct 21 2013a



Hurricane Raymond (latest shots from NOAA and SSEC/CIMSS 715pm CT Oct 21 2013):

On the Eastern side of the Pacific, off the shores of Mexico, Hurricane Raymond is dropping large amounts of rain, while it temporarily stalled out off the West Coast near Acapulco.

headline in the main stream media:

“Raymond becomes major hurricane as it nears Mexico”





The track of Hurricane Raymond, currently forecast to run along the coast of Mexico, then head West out into the Pacific.  That being said, we’re seeing LARGE amounts of rain as the storm stalled , which will be leading to excess flooding, as well as landslide activity within a few days.

hurricane raymond october 21 plot

Again, here are multiple shots of the storm from NOAA / SSEC / CIMSS .. you can see that Hurricane Raymond is indeed a heavy precipitation producer, the pictures above show the result, these images below show the cause:

hurrican raymond cimss oct 21 2013

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaaaaaaaaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaaaaaaaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaaaaaaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaaaaaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaaaaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaaaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aaa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 aa

hurricane raymond oct 21 2013 a

raymond cimss oct 21 2013aaaaaa

raymond cimss oct 21 2013aaaaa

raymond cimss oct 21 2013aaaa

raymond cimss oct 21 2013aaa

raymond cimss oct 21 2013aa

raymond cimss oct 21 2013a

hurrican raymond cimss oct 21 2013a


Multiple national and international weather monitoring links here:



10/20/2013 — Large Microwave Pulse produces TWO tropical storms in Asia within 48 hours

On October 18, 2013 — we witnessed a large microwave pulse over the West Pacific (showing up on the microwave background imagry from CIMSS).

On top of Typhoon Francisco, on top of Tropical Depression TWENTY SEVEN,  today, October 20th, we now have Tropical Depression TWENTY EIGHT.  A newly formed storm inside the microwave pulsed area from October 18th, 2013.

Two storms, inside the pulse, within 48 hours.

What are the chances?


latest72hrsmicrowave pulse

multiple tropical storms form along microwave pulse area

Watch the previous video made here explaining Tropical Storm TWENTY SEVEN’s formation:


The video above can be summed up as such : Within 24 hours of the pulse occurring, a new tropical system developed directly inside the pulsed area epicenter, forming a new storm (currently called Tropical Depression TWENTY SEVEN).  I also made a post on this, you can check that post here.

Move forward another 24 hours, and a NEW system has formed , called Tropical Depression TWENTY EIGHT.  Ironically, this new storm also formed inside the pulsed area epicenter, just a bit south from the previous storm.

Thus, within 48 hours of a giant microwave pulse occurring, we see two large tropical systems develop inside the area which was pulsed.

Make note, in the picture below, or in the animation at the beginning of this article, you can clearly see the RIPPLE EFFECT in the pulse as it is transmitted.

Microwave pulse tropical storms oct 20 2013


original links here:




How can High Frequency / Microwaves / RF (radio frequency) effect the weather?  Read much more here:



10/20/2013 — 3.1M Oklahoma Fracking + 3.1M Canada Craton edge Earthquakes

Oklahoma 3.1M fracking earthquake + 3.1M East Coast Canada craton edge earthquake…



oklahoma fracking canada craton earthquakes oct 20 2013


This movement WAS expected… watch the video calling for it here:


Here is the post made calling for it several days ago.. Oklahoma AND Canada.. as well as Baja Mexico.


Past 48 hours of earthquakes eastern and western hemisphere.

Showing a line of mid 4.0M earthquakes reaching up the Eastern Pacific towards Mexico, also south towards Argentina / Chile. Possible larger movement around this cluster developing. Could be on the Northern flank of this line (n. mexico / baja).

USA showing west coast activity, but nothing in the midwest of any size over 2.5M .. I’d say we most likely need to watch for several fracking / injection well earthquakes at about 3.0 miles deep in the near term future (next couple days or less)..”

Video explanation of the forecast for Baja Mexico here:


As you see in the video directly above, Baja Mexico received a 6.5M earthquake just as expected.. now we see that Oklahoma, and Canada received the expected compensation movement pushing from West to East across the craton edge.

Here is a mashup screenshot of a craton diagram vs. shale gas / fracking plays :

craton shale plays mashup fracking


Event Time

  1. 2013-10-20 09:17:48 UTC
  2. 2013-10-20 04:17:48 UTC-05:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-10-20 04:17:48 UTC-05:00 system time


36.563°N 97.841°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 18km (11mi) N of Enid, Oklahoma
  2. 69km (43mi) WSW of Ponca City, Oklahoma
  3. 84km (52mi) NNW of Guthrie, Oklahoma
  4. 86km (53mi) NW of Stillwater, Oklahoma
  5. 125km (78mi) NNW of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Event Time

  1. 2013-10-20 10:40:36 UTC
  2. 2013-10-20 06:40:36 UTC-04:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-10-20 05:40:36 UTC-05:00 system time


45.438°N 77.298°W depth=5.4km (3.4mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 44km (27mi) SSW of Pembroke, Canada
  2. 51km (32mi) S of Petawawa, Canada
  3. 117km (73mi) WNW of Smiths Falls, Canada
  4. 124km (77mi) W of Gatineau, Canada
  5. 125km (78mi) W of Ottawa, Canada


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