10/2/2013 — ‘HAARP ring’ / RADAR pulse Confirmation — Storm Outbreak — Iowa to Nebraska

On October 1, 2013 .. a long lasting series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” appeared over Iowa and Nebraska.

Clearly illuminated , standing out above all others, producing IONIZATION (literally making CCN using frequency).

See the activity yesterday in this video here:


Move forward almost exactly 24 hours, and we already have hail / damaging winds developing inside this pulsed area epicenter.  In addition, there is extreme severe weather NOW being forecast by the NWS over Iowa, and Nebraska going into TOMORROW (thursday Oct. 3, 2013).

Putting the severe weather now, and tomorrow well within the 72 hour timeframe we watch these events to develop within.

click to view full size here:

haarp ring confirmation oct 2 2013


Update 415pm CT Oct. 2 2013:

Severe Thunderstorm warnings issued in East Central Nebraska:

severe thunderstorm nebraska oct 2 2013


UPDATE: 1137pm CT October 2, 2013 going into October 3, 2013:  More strong storms develop under the pulsed area from Oct 1.

severe thunderstorm nebraska oct 2 2013a


UPDATE: 105am CT October 3, 2013

Possible tornado, damaging winds, and  hail formed at the RADAR pulse / ‘HAARP ring’ epicenter ( the Nebraska pulsed area from October 1st, 2013).

Literally the strongest cells now forming just West of Omaha, Nebraska — forming directly inside the area which was pulsed 2 days prior:

nebraska haarp ring confirmation oct 3 2013


Recent news on the topic of frequency induced weather modification – from Dr. Michio Kaku :



How can frequency induce CCN (cloud condensation nuclei)?  Here is a real life example:



Tornadoes created via microwaves (laboratory experiment):



Well over 100 documented cases of RF (radio frequency) pulses causing weather phenomenon:



Longer explanation of RADAR pulses / ‘HAARP rings’ / Scalar Squares:



Read much more on the topic of frequency manipulation of the weather here:



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