10/11/2013 — Super Cyclone Phailin — 195mph (315kph) max wind gusts! Heading towards India

The already large Indian Ocean Cyclone (named Phailin) has now been upgraded to a SUPER-Cyclone.

Super Cyclone Phailin’ heading west towards India.


This cyclone has sustained winds currently at 160mph (250kph) , gusts up to 195mph (315kph) !

This is absolutely a huge storm.

Current feed from NOAA / METSAT here:


Oct 10th into 11th, 2013:



October 11, 2013:



October 11th into 12th, 2013:


















Another video covering Super Cyclone Phailin here:  Thanks to Earthspace102


” Over the last day, a cyclone over the Bay of Bengal has explosively strengthened as it marches towards the east coast of India, presenting a clear and present danger to the country of over a billion people.

In the last 18 hours, Phailin’s peak winds have increased an astonishing 80 mph (or 70 knots), a rare rate of intensification.

“Based on satellite estimates, maximum sustained winds are now easily around 160 mph (140 knots),” says Ryan Maue, a meteorologist at WeatherBell.com, a private forecasting services company.

Those wind speeds would make Phailin the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane, capable of catastrophic damage.

Phailin is not only intense, but also large.

“It’s equivalent to Katrina in size,” Maue says. “



“8.37 pm: Paradip Port has shut all cargo operations, plants and machinery and put in place a contingency plan to meet any eventuality due to the storm, PTI report.

8.04 pm: The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), a Hawaii-based forecasting outpost of the US Navy, which has classified the storm of most powerful category 5, said Cyclone Phailin’s wind speed could touch 315 kmph on landfall.

7.42 pm: If you are in the Cyclone danger zone: Check the house; secure loose tiles, carry out repair works for doors and windows. Remove dead woods or dying trees close to the house; anchor removable objects like lumber piles, loose tin sheds, loose bricks, garbage cans, sign-boards etc. which can fly in strong winds. Keep some wooden boards ready so that glass windows can be boarded if needed. Keep a hurricane lantern filled with kerosene, battery operated torches and enough dry cells. Keep some extra batteries for transistors. Keep some dry non-perishable food always ready for emergency use. (Information source – NDMA website)

7.28 pm: As the storm intensifies NDRF has deployed 23 rescue teams in Odisha and 11 in Andhra Pradesh.

7.03 pm: The MeT depratment fears that there may be flood-like situations and also breaking of communication lines.

6.37 pm: NDMA says it is well prepared for the severe storm and that it won’t be a repeat of 1999 storm disaster.

6.19 pm: Latest update from IMD: Latest update from IMD: The storm would move northwestwards and cross north Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast between Kalingapatnam and Paradip, close to Gopalpur (Odisha) by Saturday evening as a very severe cyclonic storm with a maximum sustained wind speed of 210-220 kmph.

5.33 pm: The MeT department has advised total cancellation of fishing operations along Odisha and Andhra coasts.

5.02 pm: Odisha government has set a zero casualty target as the ‘super storm’ approaches the state’s coast.

4.30 pm: Evacuation of 64,000 people from low-lying areas from north coastal Andhra districts.

4 pm: Danger signal number 3 hoisted at Kalingapatnam, Vizag, Bhimili, Kakinada and Gangavaram ports – the port is threatened by squally weather.

3.55 pm: IAF’s two C130J Super Hercules aircraft, two AN-32s and 18 helicopters on standby as Phailin nears coast.

3.30 pm: East Coast Railway to regulate and cancel about 24 passenger trains between Visakhapatnam and Bhadrak on the Howrah-Chennai Main Line route tommorow in view of Cyclone Phailin which is expected to hit the eastern coast, PTI reports.

The trains which will either be regulated and cancelled are Puri-Cuttack-Puri passenger, Paradeep-Cuttack passenger, Cuttack-Paradeep passenger, Puri-Gunupur-Puri passenger, Puri-Rourkela passenger, Puri-Cuttack passenger, Bhadrak-Cuttack-Bhadrak passenger and Cuttack-Palasa-Cuttack passenger trains, an ECoR official said.

3.15 pm: Fearing the worse, people are queuing up at petrol stations and stocking up food in Odisha.

3.10 pm: The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), a Hawaii-based forecasting outpost of the US Navy, has put the strength of Cyclone Phailin as that of a Category 5 Hurricane – the Indian Ocean equivalent is a super cyclonic storm. However, the IMD has categorised Phailin a notch below and termed it as a ‘very severe’ cyclonic storm.

A hurricane is classified as Category 5 when it gains a speed of over 120 knots/220 kmph. As per the latest data released by JTWC, Phailin may clock 140 knots in wind speed with gusts reaching 170 knots.



Unfortunately, this current Super Cyclone is NOT the only event going on in Asia.  There are two more very large cyclones brewing in the West Pacific.

color enhancement in the upper right hand corner:


three large typhoons oct 11 2013


Multiple national and international weather monitoring links here:


10 thoughts on “10/11/2013 — Super Cyclone Phailin — 195mph (315kph) max wind gusts! Heading towards India

  1. Thank You for this info! My friends are trekking in India right now, they brought over shoes and clothing for a school there. Now I’ll be worried , but hopeful for their survival. have a great weekend Peace & Love Deb

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