10/15/2013 — Typhoon Wipha along Japan’s Eastern coast

Typhoon Wipha has made a very quick turn North (since yesterday October 14th, 2013).  Currently off the coast of Japan, heading East by Northeast.


Here is the animated microwave imagery from the 9th to the 12th.. showing Wipha far South of Japan (island to the north in white) … there are two storms shown here.. Wipha is the right hand storm:



This animation below shows the 12th through today (the 15th of October) nd we see Wipha picking up speed to the North towards Japan.. then breaking east…



Here are the most current Images I could find .. starting with the Microwave background images which run up to 115am CT Oct. 16, 2013 .. showing Wipha off the East coast of Japan:

latest72hrs115am ct oct 16 2013






gifsBy12hr_06 wipha

last48hrs wipha



2 thoughts on “10/15/2013 — Typhoon Wipha along Japan’s Eastern coast

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