11/9/2013 — Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) close up satellite views at landfall + all past animations linked

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the THOUSANDS of people killed by this Super Typhoon, Haiyan (also named Yolanda).

CATASTROPHIC damage being reported across the nation of the Philippines.


tacloban  typhoon-horizontal-gallery




The SSEC / CIMSS team put together a comparison of size between Typhoon Haiyan, and Hurricane Katrina — to put things in perspective for people in the States.  Clearly, Haiyan is much larger than the well known Gulf of Mexico Hurricane, Katrina.



Also, another comparision, done by the same team, shows perspective for the East Coast US.. in comparison to last years “Superstorm Sandy / Frankenstorm” .. there is no comparison, Haiyan was about 3 times larger, and 3 times more damaging than the East Coast US “Sandy”.





Here are several close up satellite views of the storm as it came to the shores of the Philippines: (click to view full size animated .gif)





haiyan nov 7 a1

haiyan nov 7 a9s

haiyan nov 7 a5

haiyan hit a1


Here are all the past posts on this storm , “HAIYAN / YOLANDA” , including animations and screenshots:

As the storms rotation first formed via a microwave pulse:


Then, as the storm developed rapidly into a Category 5 Typhoon:



As the storm progressed towards the Philippines.. :



Finally, as the storm made landfall in the Philippines:



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