11/25/2013 — “LEHAR” upgraded to Cyclone status — Heading towards India (strengthens)

Made a post on this yesterday, as the storm was still in “Tropical Storm” status.

Now, upgraded to a Category 1 Cyclone, forecast to develop at least into a Category 2 (as of 4pm CT Nov. 25, 2013).

cyclone lehar nov 25 2013

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Cyclone “LEHAR” is currently showing a stronger / brighter center than the previous Super Cyclone “PHAILIN”, when it formed, however the eye of “LEHAR” is not yet developed enough to be seen through yet.

lehar nov 25 screenshot

A very bright center, this early on during the storms development…….this is slightly good news actually, since the heavy rains at the center of the storm (now) could lead to a cooling of the storm overall, thus decreasing its overall strength.

Right now, however, the center of the storm is showing bright whites (above the black/grey), indicating massive rains, and wind at the center.


Multiple .gif animations below (may take a long time for your browser to load each, click on each pic to view in a new window):

lehar nov 25 aaaaaaaaaa

lehar nov 25 aaaaaaaaa

lehar nov 25 aaaaaaaa

lehar nov 25 aaaaaaa

lehar nov 25 aaaaaa

lehar nov 25 aaaaa

lehar nov 25 aaaa

lehar nov 25 aaa

lehar nov 25 aa

lehar nov 25 a

One thought on “11/25/2013 — “LEHAR” upgraded to Cyclone status — Heading towards India (strengthens)

  1. Greetings, Watched the microwave pulse that triggered the spin last night. Blatantly obvious! Nothing there, then a white zone where once had been the near end of a pulse, followed by a root beer colored S form and then the spin. Got on the feeds this morning and the first thing up is Leher on Satellite. Archived… Non Sequitur: Have been archiving the HAARP ring event centered out of Vance AFB (?). NUI shows the specked ring, Conus2 shows the Pinwheel type event out of Hastings, NE w/Vance-Enid crossing into the NE Burst, from the south. Think there will be more Fracking earthquakes? Rhetorical… Be well, and thank you again for another great Article. o… 26th November 2013 – 5:05 PM – EDT

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