11/27/2013 — Cyclone “LEHAR” downgraded to Tropical Storm after rapid cooling

Yesterday, November 26th 2013 , Cyclone “LEHAR” went through a series of rapid bursts of massive downpours near the center of the storm.

Seen in this .gif animation below :

lehar nov 27 aaaaaaaaaa


Directly following this large outburst of energy , the storms intensity quickly diminished , due to the rapid cooling at surface level caused by large amounts of cool precipitation falling upon the warm surface waters beneath the storm.

The warm surface waters , normally lead a path for the storm to follow, providing all the energy necessary for heated surface convection (warm humid rising air caused by warm waters).

The result of the massive deluge of rain seen above…. can be seen below.. the storms power was cut off.

lehar downgraded aaaaa


This morphed microwave animation below shows the last 24 hours of the storm… again, you can see the storms center experience a large amount of concentrated precipitation , followed by the storm losing at least HALF of its overall strength in just a few hours.

LUCKILY, this all happened just before making landfall in Eastern Central India. Good news for an area which is still recovering from Super Cyclone Phailin.


lehar downgraded aaaaaa


Below are three animations…

First we see “Lehar” as it came into the Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal), still a tropical storm at this point:



Then , after the storm began traveling West towards India, it began to mushroom at the center, producing extreme amounts of precipitation, rivaling even the largest Super-Cyclone/Typhoon over the past several months (make note of the color key below the picture (the storm going into black towards the very center).

It was elevated to a Category 2, borderline Category 3:

lehar nov 25 aaaaaaaaa


The storm then continued further West, and continued the massive precipitation generation at the center:

lehar nov 27 aaaaaaaaa


The final result, the storm went from a Category 2 Cyclone, to a weak tropical storm, in a matter of one day.

lehar downgraded aaaaaaa


After seeing the above take place, I’m reminded of this !

halt a hurricane


Questions about weather modification? Start here:



Listen to this 1hr 30min interview I did last year, in regard to Hurricane Modification of Frankenstorm Sandy:


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