12/09/2013 — Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm — Craton movement obvious OK, TX, WY, WA

video update here:


Over the course of the past 48 hours, December 7th, through December 9th 2013 — a series of moderate sized earthquakes has struck directly along the edge of the North American Craton.

This newest craton edge earthquake swarm consists of upper 3.0M and mid-4.0M earthquakes occurring just South of Yellowstone National Park (supervolcano).  Still well within the newly defined perimeter of the underground magma chamber(s) associated with past eruptions.

This Yellowstone swarm is on top of yesterdays 4.5 magnitude event in Oklahoma, and the ADDITIONAL 3.7 magnitude event in Northeast Texas (both at fracking operation earthquake swarm locations).

craton edge earthquakes december 9 2013


Current Yellowstone 4.2M earthquake statistics:


Event Time

  1. 2013-12-08 18:08:08 UTC
  2. 2013-12-08 11:08:08 UTC-07:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-12-08 12:08:08 UTC-06:00 system time


43.217°N 110.632°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 14km (9mi) ESE of Hoback, Wyoming
  2. 111km (69mi) ESE of Ammon, Idaho
  3. 115km (71mi) SE of Rexburg, Idaho
  4. 117km (73mi) ESE of Idaho Falls, Idaho
  5. 292km (181mi) NNE of Salt Lake City, Utah


We have been watching over the past 7 days, since December 2 2013, for this Yellowstone swarm to occur.

THIS SWARM WAS EXPECTED.  Read my post from Dec. 2, 2013 here:


Past 24 hours of noteworthy earthquake activity… 5.5M off the West Coast (coast of Oregon) — in the fresh lava fields , where the USGS announced new small fissures which are producing large volumes of lava across the sea floor (burying USGS sensors). A sign to expect movement along the craton edge (again).. meaning OK, TX, AR.. possibly CO/NM border, and Yellowstone again as well.

Any time Oregon shows, we see follow up along the edge of the plate.

below is a screenshot of the 5.5M event which preceded this current craton unrest:

oregon 5.5m dec 1 2013


Areas which still have not shown movement .. such as the fracking operations at the CO/NM border, also along the craton edge to the Northeast (Canada US border), East Coast Virginia, and off the East coast by a couple hundred miles.

New Madrid is quiet… a few earthquakes under 2.0M , but rather silent due to the pressure relief occurring to the South, West, and East (via the craton edge, yellowstone, fracking earthquakes).

Use the multiple earthquake monitoring links here to stay up to date on current seismic activity:



More on the Yellowstone magma chamber here:



The reservoir of molten rock underneath Yellowstone National Park in the United States is at least two and a half times larger than previously thought. Despite this, the scientists who came up with this latest estimate say that the highest risk in the iconic park is not a volcanic eruption but a huge earthquake.

Yellowstone is famous for having a ‘hot spot’ of molten rock that rises from deep within the planet, fuelling the park’s geysers and hot springs1. Most of the magma resides in a partially molten blob a few kilometres beneath Earth’s surface.

New pictures of this plumbing system show that the reservoir is about 80 kilometres long and 20 kilometres wide, says Robert Smith, a geophysicist at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. “I don’t know of any other magma body that’s been imaged that’s that big,” he says.

Smith reported the finding on 27 October at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver, Colorado.

Past Yellowstone eruptions seen here:



Watch the Yellowstone Earthquake threat video here:


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