2/03/2014 — 2nd Large Eruption at Indonesian Volcano halts rescues


A 2nd eruption has occurred at Mount Sinabung in Indonesia. Additionally, a 6.2M earthquake has now struck the area.

This new eruption, on top of yesterdays large blast and pyroclastic flow, has halted all search / rescue operation.

Thoughts, and prayers with the people of the region.

Several videos , and pictures here:


Karo (Indonesia) (AFP) – A volcano in western Indonesia that killed 15 people in a weekend eruption shot hot ash and rocks high into the air again Monday, halting a search for any more victims.

Before they stopped their search, a rescue team found the charred wreckage of motorcycles buried under ash which they believe had been carrying some of those killed by Mount Sinabung’s eruption on Saturday.

The weekend eruption was the first to claim any lives since Sinabung on Sumatra island rumbled back to life in September after lying dormant for several years, and sent vast clouds cascading down its slopes.

On Monday Sinabung, which often erupts numerous times a day, spewed clouds of hot ash and rocks up to 2,500 metres (8,200 feet) into the air, the national disaster agency said.

“For the safety of the rescuers we decided to temporarily halt the search operation at midday,” local rescue agency chief Rochmali, who goes by one name, told AFP. There were no reports of new casualties from the latest eruption


6.2M earthquake in Indonesia.. this is on top of the Volcanic eruptions there yesterday and today…





The first eruption can be seen here:

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