2/08/2014 — Earthquake Overview — Midwest Movement , New Madrid + East Coast


earthquakes feb 8 2014


Excessive movement showing in the West Pacific.  Across Vanuatu, New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan.

Multiple 6.0M+ events during the past 7 days across the Pacific, lending credence to the possibility of a larger event in the Western region in the near term (2 weeks or less).

In the West Pacific, in Asia, and across the Middle East, we need to specifically watch the cluster points (4.0M + 5.0M events), these areas would be the ones to produce sizable movement over the next several days.

In the United States, the edge of the craton is in flux.  Obviously.

Clearly happening along the craton edge , at the shale gas plays (fracking operations).

craton shale gas plays


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Always make sure to have an earthquake plan ready !

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