2/11/2014 — “Polar Vortex” FREEZES Niagara Falls

The Northern Hemisphere in the grip of mid-late winter, and the “Polar Vortex” keeps rearing its ugly head.

Places along the border of the US and Canada are under EXTREME cold conditions.  Literally freezing Niagara Falls into very impressive large ‘non-flowing’ columns of solid ice.

These extreme winter conditions are reaching far South into the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.   Snow currently falling across the Southern US as of 6am CT (2/11/2014).




Now we are seeing another “Polar Vortex” form off the coast of Alaska (over the North Pacific).  It will also head across North / Central Canada, and again will be bringing arctic air further South as the system passes East-Southeast across the continent of North America.






As if the next coming “Polar Vortex” wasn’t enough proof that we are in the midst of an extraordinary cold event …. new data shows that indeed, “Global Warming” has taken a vacation.  See that video here:



In this video below, Tatoott1009 is showing the Arctic Sea ice pack concentrations reaching back to 1979, bringing things up to 2014.

Clearly, you can see the sea ice concentrations at 100% from Canada to Russia.  Also Large areas (on land) under deep freeze conditions.


The sea ice concentration speaks for itself.  You can see past dates by searching the Cryosphere Today site here:



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