2/17/2014 — Weather Modification Coming Soon! Thick Smog comes back to Beijing China…

Thick smog once again returns to China’s metropolis .



Thick smog, reducing visibility to just a few hundred yards (or less in some places).

Looking more like a scene from a disaster movie , after a volcano erupts, or after an asteroid has hit…

china smog

china smog1

china smog1a


In the past , when things got THIS bad, China resorted to Weather Modification in order to reduce the particulate matter in the air.

Literally investing large resources into multiple programs aimed at controlling the weather.




China, using CANNONS, ROCKETS, and of course aircraft … all used to distribute silver iodide into the clouds, to induce precipitation.


Has caused some problems in the past when they were TOO successful:


China’s Weather Manipulation Brings Crippling Snowstorm to Beijing

China prefers to deliver its silver iodide to the sky via rockets or artillery.

For the residents of Beijing, those armaments deliver all the headaches that go along with big snowstorms: traffic problems, flight delays, cancelled classes and various transportation issues. While the government claims the seeding is for the good of the country, that claim is about as dubious as the practice of seeding itself; in 2005, a snow melting agent killed 10,000 trees in Beijing, and experts worry it could be eroding the city’s infrastructure.

As of last night, highways in and around Beijing were closed and many roads were blocked, bringing day-to-day commerce to a grinding halt.

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Some worry about its effects in China.

As you can hear in this video below, most concerns are brushed aside by the Chinese government.



Here are a few basic graphics explaining cloud seeding:




Actual shots of the Chinese weather modification “weapons”:



China Controlling the Rain

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