2/18/2014 — Weather Modification 101 — Directed Energy Weapons and Radio Frequency

Four part series can be viewed below… must see for anyone curious on the topic…



Part 1 (30min):


Part 2 (30min):


Part 3 (30min):



Part 4 coming tomorrow (Feb 19, 2014)


Listen to the full 2 hour broadcast here (free download as well ) : 2/14/2014




A couple RADAR Pulse / HAARP Ring tornado examples:

dover afb haarp ring final june 28 2013

June 28, 2013 — Dover Air Force base RADAR pulse / HAARP ring –hours AFTER this event, a tornado hit the base at Dover


dover delaware june 28 2013

Tornado warning for Dover Air Force base less than 24 hours after the large RADAR pulse / HAARP Ring event



Multiple examples here..




Follow along with the whole HAARP post I’m discussing on the radio show here:



Four 30 minute segments of the show will be released each day this week (along with graphics / screenshots of what is being discussed in regards to HAARP, and Directed Energy)

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