2/20/2014 — HAARP can be used for weather modification, and as a weapon


from the air force haarpa

from the air force haarp



Full .pdf here:



Watch a whole 2 hour explanation on Radio Frequency / Directed Energy weapons here:


(Part 1 – 30min)


(Part 2 – 30min)


(Part 3 – 30min)


(Part 4 – 30min)


haarp radar laser

All four 30 minute long segments can be found here  :



Download the whole show from our page here:



Follow along with the whole HAARP post I’m discussing on the radio show here:




This is my PERSONAL fundraiser..if you like my findings regarding weather modification, and earthquakes.. and if you want to help me in my personal life….. here is a secure link to give



Expose’ video on HAARP in Alaska, capable of Weather Modification, well worth the watch:


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