3/02/2014 — Shreveport Louisiana RADAR pulse / ‘HAARP ring’ storm confirmation – SNOWNADO

On March 1, 2014, at approximately 715pm CT, a large RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” appeared over Northwest Louisiana.

The pulse, coming from the Shreveport, Louisiana NEXRAD RADAR station, lasted several minutes, and was captured by multiple researchers via video, and screenshot.

video of the event as it occurred on RADAR (March 1, 2014) here:


scalar pulses kansas march 1 2014aa

On March 1, I made a post on my website in regards to these multiple directed energy blasts occurring:



I also posted the event on Facebook yesterday:

“Major “HAARP ring” / RADAR pulse event… Shreveport Louisiana , South to Houston Texas.. .72 hour watch starting now.. also make note of the further RADAR pulse action happening across Kansas.

This is on TOP of todays previous Scalar Pulses. Which means we really need to watch these areas for 72 hours AFTER the current snow storm blows through!!”



Move forward approximately 24 hours, after the storm has begun  passing Eastward, and we see severe weather , Damaging winds / Hail, form directly over the Shreveport Louisiana RADAR pulse / ‘HAARP ring’ epicenter.

Also, (as of 745pm CT March 2, 2014) a SNOWNADO (at 34F temps) formed in between Shreveport, LA and Little Rock Arkansas!

(the strongest part of the storms hitting this area directly)

click to view full size

louisiana radar pulse march 2


UPDATE 745pm CT March 2, 2014:

Tornado (snownado at 34F temps) forming in between Shreveport Louisiana, and Little Rock Arkansas!!!!

click to view full size:

arkansas snownado march 2 2014


Curious how Radio Frequency (RF) can influence the weather?

Watch my recent 4 part series with a full explanation:

follow along with the explanation here:



This has happened SEVERAL times before, see all the previous events we have documented here:




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