3/16/2014 — 7.0M earthquake strikes Chile — Forecasting Earthquakes DAYS before

Video explanation here:


My facebook page for future reference on public updates:


Screenshot below of the March 16, 2014 Chile 7.0M earthquake, and EMSC statistics for the quake:
  • 7.0M earthquake march 16 2014
emsc chile 7.0m earthquake

See my previous post below (from March 10, 2014) , warning for South America to be hit,  or listen to the radio show (from March 14, 2014) .. where I specifically warned Chile to be on alert for heavy movement near term.


Post from March 14, 2014… warning for South America movement here:


“Past 24 hours of 5.0M and greater earthquakes globally..

You can clearly see 3/4 of the ring of fire has moved on a 5.0M+ level over the past day…

Be prepared for more movement as this new unrest adjusts and spreads out .. we may need to watch central america to south america for some rather sizable movement near term.

Lets hope I’m wrong on that!

Earthquake monitoring links here:


Radio show earthquake forecast (march 14, 2014), warning for Chile to be on alert, heard at approximately the 8min 30sec point here:




Full show can be downloaded for free (2 hours long) here:


(march 14 2014 broadcast)


Pennsylvania was forecast (on March 6, 2014) to be hit  .. forecast link here:



Below is a screenshot of the March 6 forecast:




By March 10, 2014.. Pennsylvania and Mexico have been hit:

2.8m western new york march 10 2014mexico 5.8m earthquake march 9 2014

By March 16, 2014, within the 7 day time period forecast, all areas  have been hit with the expected movement:

forecast earthquakes march 16 2014

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