3/17/2014 — Large Explosion at New Mexico base sends plume towards Amarillo, TX

Main Stream Media report on the “mystery plume”. Military confirms it was not a test, or bomb. National Weather Service confirms it was NOT Birds/Bugs/Bats. Also not a natural dust storm (haboob), nor was it a regular “storm” with precipitation / rain.

Leaving only one option left. Volcanic.


Video here:




Early in the evening on March 17, 2014 , a large plume exploded from just west of Carrizozo Volcanic field, White Sands / Area 29 military test range.

military plume nexrad march 17 2014

Eastern New Mexico, Cannon Air Force Base NEXRAD RADAR, showing the plume after it mushroomed , as it passed across state lines into Texas, heading directly towards Amarillo, TX



Whether its a man made explosion, or a volcanic event — a large plume of particulate matter has been expelled skyward, and has now blown across the state of New Mexico heading directly towards Amarillo, Texas.

The computer detected the cloud, and assigned a STORM classification of  “strong cell thunderstorm” to this particulate debris!

new mexico plume march 17 2014s


The cloud has remained intact , and blown directly over Amarillo, Texas, now crossing the Oklahoma state line (145am CT March 18, 2014) .. finally starting to dissipate.

military plume nexrad march 18 2014 amarillo

At the same time the cloud / plume reached Amarillo, Texas — a series of “HAARP rings” appeared in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.   Multiple stations forming a “ring” of illuminated coverage areas.

The plume is now heading towards the newly formed “HAARP rings”.



haarp rings plume march 18 2014


live feeds:



Backdated feeds for New Mexico here (March 18, 2014 at approx 3Z)



plume military march 17 2014



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