3/22/2014 — Earthquake Forecast DIRECT HITS — Indonesia, California, Oklahoma + USGS censorship

Forecast earthquakes briefly covered here:



On March 20 2014 (130am CT), I issued this earthquake forecast / watch video:


In the above video, I name several earthquake “watch” areas to monitor for possible noticeable movement in the near term (7 days or less).

Several areas were named across the globe, internationally , and nationally (in the US).  A few of the specific areas named:  Indonesia, Southern California / Baja Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Since issuing the forecast, within 48 hours of issuing the watch, we’ve now seen a 6.5M occur in Northern Indonesia…  Also, a 5.2M , 4.9M, and 4.7M occur in Baja, and a 4.0M occur in Oklahoma.



6.5M earthquake in Indonesia, occurring directly inside the named (and shown) watch area:


6.5 sumatra march 21 2014

pictured above: 6.5M earthquake strikes directly inside the forecast warned area from 48 hours prior


We’ve also seen THREE sizable earthquakes strike just South of the Salton Sea California (southern california) in Baja Mexico, directly inside the named (and shown) watch area…. a 4.7M , 4.9M, and 5.2M

california baja march 22 2014 earthquakes

pictured above: Three noteworthy earthquakes strike the forecast watch area, Baja Mexico / Southern California within 48 hours of the warning being issued.

5.2M : http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000nkku#summary

4.9M : http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000nk0p#summary

4.7M : http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000nk1q#summary


Mysteriously, the 5.2M earthquake originally recorded East of Los Angeles, was wiped from the map as a “computer glitch” from the USGS.

The “wiped” computer glitch USGS earthquake… lol.. for some reason “glitched” and showed up on the EUROPEAN FEEDS as well… whoops!




USGS says it was a “computer glitch” that caused the Los Angeles 5.2M to show up near Bakersfield?  How did the Europeans come up with different location coordinates, and a 13km depth in the same area?


euro 5.2m earthquake california march 22 2014


And why did it show so heavy on Southern California charts?


Here is the chart near Los Angeles, showing heavy movement near LA:

usgs earthquake march 22 2014

los angeles chart march 22 2014 earthquake 5.2m


Not just showing in Los Angeles as “heavy” , but also near Riverside , CA / Sunset Peak, CA :

sunset peak riverside chart march 22 2014 earthquake

sunset peak riverside chart march 22 2014 earthquakea


Following this West coast movement, just as expected, a 4.0M earthquake has struck CENTRAL OKLAHOMA .. March 21, 2014 near midnight going into March 22, 2014 ..   directly inside the watch zone:


oklahoma 4.0m earthquake march 21 2014


Daily updates can be found here: (publicly viewable)



Craton Diagram here:




Multiple Earthquake monitoring links here:



Last weeks 7.0M earthquake in Chile was forecast, as well as the earthquake in Ohio / Pennsylvania.  Read more on those events here, in my previous earthquake forecast.


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