4/01/2014 — “HAARP ring” VAPORIZES hail, strong winds, and tornado — real time over Dallas Texas

Video of the event here: no narration


Not an April Fools joke.

4/01/2014, at approximately 9pm CT, a series of strong cell storms broke out West of Dallas Texas.

These cells were producing damaging winds, hail, and a strong detection of a possible tornado.

dallas tornado april 1 2014 mashup



As the storm was nearing Dallas Texas, an odd thing occurred…. a series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” were targeted at the coming storm.  Specifically hitting the storm with a pulse which creates a sudden NEGATIVE VELOCITY across the region.


radar pulse haarp ring kills tornado dallas texas april 1 2014


As the storm was pulsed, real time, the storm died, the hail stopped, and the possible tornado (rated 15 out of 15 in strength) ceased to be detected.

texas tornado dies into a haarp ring april 1 2014


You can see the pulse hit the incoming storm in NEGATIVE velocity. then, you can see heavy RF inundate the storm (coded in purple in the relative mean velocity feed)

relative mean velocity radar pulse dallas texas kills tornado april 1 2014a

base velocity radar pulse dallas texas kills tornado april 1 2014


Just one day ago, on March 31 2014, we saw a “HAARP ring” / RADAR pulse actually PRODUCE a tornado at the center of the ring … real time… as the ring pulsed, the possible tornado formed.

tornado radar pulse real time haarp ring

Now, move forward a day, and we see a HAARP ring kill a tornado, hail, and damaging winds— instead of creating weather, we see a pulse mitigating storms.



All the previous  documentations of frequency induced / influenced weather can be found here:




Curious how radio frequency can influence the weather via ionization, and heating?




Of course RF in the RADAR terminology books stands for “range folding” , as I’ve said in multiple videos, and written explanations, the other “RF” (radio frequency) is the true culprit of the vortex generation. Thus RF “range folding” dually could stand for “RF” as in radio frequency..

We are seeing anomalous propagation which is unable to be identified by the RADAR (called range folding).  My theory says this is actually due to being plasma (energy) being generated at a distance from the transmitter. RADAR interfering with itself after it “accidentally” generates its own energy and CCN (cloud condensation nuclei).

At the perimeter, in purple the “RF” is due to what has been coined the “Scalar RADAR effect”. Energy transmitted at a distance.

The occurrence of RF at the perimeter confirms the “scalar RADAR” theory of intersecting frequencies having an effect where they cross. The RADAR is pumping out.. however there are outside forces also pumping IN towards the RADAR.. such as other RADAR signals from adjacent NEXRAD towers, and dozens of other sources such as 2.45GHz wifi, 2GHz cellular, and other commercial microwave transmissions along these bands.

Where these two forces meet.. the pumping out signal from the NEXRAD, and the myriad of incoming frequencies intersect (at the perimeter of the RADAR)… there is anomalous propagation / ionization / Range Folding due to RF radio frequency.

Thus, RF, indeed has a dual meaning. A “dual polarity” if you will 🙂

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