4/12/2013 — Plumes erupt across multiple states unexpectedly from Oil and Frack wells

A series of unexpected plumes erupted from multiple dozens of Oil and Frack wells yesterday (April 11, 2014).

This is alarming to say the least, and an air pollution catastrophe which is apparently going unreported, or unnoticed.


plumes april 11 2014

These multiple smoking Oil / Gas wells produced a HUGE area of smoke.

Its a fairly easy process to find the plumes origination point.  Locations can be traced back using Google earth compared to the Visible Satellite feed.

Indeed, an Oil or Gas well is located at the base of each plume.

I looked up several to verify, took screenshots of each (seen below) you are welcome to do the same.

Here are just a few examples of the many dozens you can search.

(click to view full size):

oil and gas wells plumes april 11 2014

Each plume location has an Oil well or Frack well at its base. Meaning each well is giving off a plume of smoke at the same time across multiple states.



What is causing this?  What could be causing the fracking / oil operations across multiple states to plume off compressed smoke high into the atmosphere?

What could cause it all to happen at the same time across such a wide region?

Seismic Pressure along the edge of the craton.



Worthy to note, as I was putting this post together, a 3.9M earthquake struck one of the areas shown in the above graphic.


3.9fracking earthquake april 12 2014

3.9M earthquake strikes central Oklahoma , April 12, 2014 . Located inside large fracking / pumping operation.


Overall, the area seeing this plume activity near Oil / Gas wells, is the same area which is experiencing a MAJOR earthquake swarm.

Current earthquakes vs. the edge of the craton — you can clearly see that the plume location also matches the craton edge.

craton quakes april 11 2014a


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