4/12/2014 — 4.9M (5.0M) Earthquake strikes the Western Yellowstone magma chamber

April 12, 2014

Major international seismic movement is occurring.

With the 8.3M (7.7M) event in the West Pacific, the Central America volcano activity, and the South America earthquake swarms…. across the board, an uptick in activity is showing.

Earthquake prone areas , and non-prone areas , BOTH need to be on watch.

Now we see a 4.9M earthquake strike the Western portion of the Yellowstone supervolcano magma chamber.   A noteworthy event occurring along the Northwest edge of the craton (some agencies reporting a 5.0M).

4.9 yellowstone idaho earthquake april 12 2014


Event Time
  1. 2014-04-13 00:04:41 UTC
  2. 2014-04-12 18:04:41 UTC-06:00 at epicenter
  3. 2014-04-12 19:04:41  UTC-05:00 system time



44.644°N 114.251°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)


This new 4.9M event is on top of the earthquake swarm over the past several weeks, and the PREVIOUS borderline 5.0M event 3 weeks ago (largest to occur in 40 years in the region).

yellowstone earthquake april 12 2014

Earthquakes greater than 4.5M occurred inside the Yellowstone magma chamber over the past few weeks, also dozens of 3.0M to 4.2M earthquakes occurred which are not shown on this graphic.



Check this graphic from 12 days ago (March 30, 2014).

You can see the Yellowstone cluster spot , as well as the Oklahoma fracking swarm, and the Southern California event (which everyone already forgot about).

The areas along the edge of the craton need to be on watch for possible compensation movement in the near term.

craton earthquake march 30 2014a

Graphic from March 30, 2014 showing the swarms occurring in the US, along the edge of the craton (plate). Yellowstone standing out to the NW.



With all the unrest currently happening internationally (and nationally), we can expect to see further movement along the edge of the craton in the near term.

Have an earthquake plan ready.

Don’t be scared, be prepared.


Multiple earthquake monitoring links can be found here:





We covered this topic, Yellowstone / Volcanic earthquake activity,  in our 2 hour radio show last night (April 11, 2014).

Listen to  / download the show for free here:


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