4/12/2014 — Volcanic plume erupts in California — Just Southeast of Golden Trout Creek Volcano

Yesterday was a very active day when it comes to geologic / volcanic  activity.

First we saw a series of plumes erupt off of Oil / Fracking operations.

This midwest plume event spanned across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama…. all occurring at the same time, each location being a Oil / Frack well.  Just a few examples below, out of dozens to look up .

oil and gas wells plumes april 11 2014


Now,  going into April 12, after looking across the feeds for the rest of the nation, an event stood out along the West Coast of the US.

Showing as a large single plume , and a strong cell thunderstorm , this event erupted from just South of California’s Golden Trout Peak Volcano.

Not a “storm” in the normal sense of the word.  The ground based plume erupts WEST of the mountain range , the clouds then rise, and are blown around the area by the prevailing winds.

The mountain range is to the East — thus any westward blowing updraft associated with the weak system blowing through did NOT cause this event.

(see the mountain range to the East in the graphics below)

mono lake volcanic plume april 11 2014

The erupting plume is clearly seen on RADAR coming from GROUND level, blowing EAST at first (with the ground level winds).. then as the steam rises (and condenses) is blown back West with the higher prevailing winds of the larger system.


golden trout peak volcano plume april 12 2014

The approximate plume location can be narrowed down to a thin stretch of land a few miles long, just southeast of Golden Trout Creek volcanic complex.


golden trout peak volcano plume april 12 2014 a


RADAR feeds showing the eruptive plume event here: ( Identified by the computer as a snow storm Ice Crystals and Snow)

I propose we are seeing a large volume of steam , which is coming from the ground,  then condensing into ice crystals as the moisture rises.








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