4/14/2014 — Air Force Base CREATES storm — NWS CENSORS the feeds

Video of the event here:


A “storm” was developed using the Cannon Air Force base NEXRAD RADAR.

The storm return was censored off of almost every feed.  Luckily, they missed this RADAR feed from NIU.edu (quite by accident I would suppose).

wtf april 13 2014

April 13, 2014 , approximately 9pm CT, a “censored” storm comes from Cannon Air Force base New Mexico. Only showing on this non “quality controlled” feed (coming from an .edu instead of a .gov)


The National Weather Service (NWS) did a fairly good job of censoring the other feeds… Unfortunately, within 30 minutes of going public with the stream,  THEY CUT THE NIU FEED !

Epic fail, since I had already recorded a video, not to mention…. as the feed was cut, I was recording !

What were we witnessing?

A storm created via a frequency pulse from the NEXRAD RADAR.

The pulse was obviously censored off the regular public feeds (as shown in the video above) , however this particular feed from NIU, is not maintained directly by the NWS.

Although, the feed is ultimately controlled by the NWS data streaming service for the NEXRAD RADARs.   The NIU stream showed the resulting storm output from the event at Cannon Air Force base.

We’ve seen this happen before.  A single RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” produce a storm real time.

Each time, a large storm resulted instantly from the pulse.  A few examples of previous frequency induced storms are below.

May 4, 2012:


May 3, 2013:


June 16, 2013:


March 31, 2014:


You can still see it for yourself on the live feed, for the next few hours (currently 1130pm CT April 13, 2014) http://weather2.admin.niu.edu/niuus.html


You can go back through my posts on facebook, and watch the whole series of events unfold… as the storm was created out of Cannon Air Force Base New Mexico, as the National Weather Service censored the feed, then finally as the feed was CUT.  You can also see the peoples responses who were watching it happen real time along with me.

See the progression of events here.. beginning about 9pm Central Time April 13, 2014 on my facebook page.



Month of April for future reference (Check April 13, 2014)



How can radio frequency from a RADAR be used to influence / create weather?

These videos cover the basics:


Much more information on the topic of Frequency induced weather here:


One thought on “4/14/2014 — Air Force Base CREATES storm — NWS CENSORS the feeds

  1. Do you think they will ever be able to catch it before it pop’s up , to cut the feed so that people like you can’t catch it on video? I’m just wondering…I hope they don’t, Because I love the fact that you can warn us out here before a major storm hits. Thank You for all the work you do. 🙂

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