4/14/2014 — Series of noteworthy earthquakes within the Yellowstone Magma Chamber

First, right off the bat, let me tell everyone “PLEASE STAY CALM!!!!!!!!”

The above clip is fiction, the below information is reality.


That being said, we’ve seen a noteworthy increase in earthquake activity occurring within the Western and Eastern portions of the Yellowstone magma chamber.

Today, April 14 2014, again we saw a 4.7M event strike Idaho at the Western Yellowstone chamber edge (which extends through Idaho towards the border of Oregon).

yellowstone earthquake april 14 2014a

April 14, 2014 — 4.7M and 2.9M strike within minutes of each other along the NW edge of the craton inside the Yellowstone Magma Chamber. Part of a series of larger earthquakes to occur in the region over the past month.



Notice there was a 2.9M earthquake in Montana, which occurred directly BEFORE the 4.7M struck Idaho.

With all this activity brewing in the magma chamber, leads me to worry about the threat of a possible larger earthquake event in the area.

Maybe along the lines of the 1950’s Hebgen Lake Montana earthquake, which was a 7.9M — caused major damage in the region.

As the video above says, the threat of eruption is MINIMAL, however, the threat of a large earthquake is maximizing its potential now.

The pressure (and resulting earthquakes) is building into something we need to watch over the next several weeks.

The entire area around Yellowstone has risen by 2 inches in the past 4 months.

The USGS GPS measurement charts show the dramatic rise of the area since New Years.



USGS GPS measurements of the Yellowstone caldera. Multiple hundred square miles rising by over 2 inches in just 4 months time. Also the region pressed 0.5 inches SOUTHEAST … proving the edge of the craton is being displaced from the NW to the SE. This proof turns geology 101 on its head.



4.7M earthquake in the magma chamber:


2.9M earthquake in Montana:



Over the past several weeks we’ve seen multiple earthquakes occur in a “swarm” , directly inside the Yellowstone National Park (near the center of the newest caldera.

craton earthquake march 30 2014a

Screenshot from 14 days ago (March 30, 2014) shows the activity along the edge of the craton, as it has been building over the past several week.



On this past Friday, April 11 2014, I spent a full segment of our 2 hour broadcast covering Yellowstone earthquakes, and the craton edge quake events occurring.

Listen or download for free here: (April 11 2014 show)




Also, I covered this buildup at Yellowstone in my earthquake update on March 30, 2014.  Exactly 14 days ago.



Finally, I must address the people who are DOWNPLAYING the threat at Yellowstone.

I understand trying to calm fears of an eruption occurring, that makes sense — but , people should not be downplaying the large earthquake possibility.

As we know with ‘public officials’, they’re reading a script, something crafted by those in charge intended to placate your preparedness.

When they tell you everything’s “normal” , and we’re seeing record earthquakes occur……. put 2+2 together…

“When they tell you not to panic, that’s when you run !!!” 😛



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