4/15/2014 — Global Earthquake Overview — MAJOR International Unrest is obvious — 7.0M strikes again

Video update here:


April 15, 2014

Another 6.9M (7.0M revised down) earthquake has occurred.  This particular earthquake struck along the Southern Mid-Atlantic ridge.

south pole earthquake april 14 2014

April 15, 2014 , a 6.9M (7.0M) earthquake strikes the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Current stats on the 6.9M in the South Atlantic:



The global unrest is obvious at this point.

With ANOTHER borderline 7.0M earthquake occurring, on top of all the other international activity, one can really say we’re in the middle of a large geologic uptick event.

The past 7 days of earthquakes (6.0M and greater) tells the tale of the current unrest….

past 7 days april 14 2014 6.0m greater earthquakes

Past 7 days of 6.0M and greater earthquakes internationally , East and West Pacific undergoing a large geologic unrest event currently


At this point, main  stream media SHOULD be running “preparedness” pieces, commercials from ready.gov should be on TeeVee for the masses to see.

I’m telling you this out of concern over LACK OF CONCERN from most people.  Most people just don’t know the risks are building exponentially right now.


In the United States, earthquake prone areas along the edge of the craton (near the earthquake swarm areas), need to be on watch.  Also, the silent areas shown in the above video, need to be aware of the possibility of movement in the near term.

Past 7 days of 3.0M and greater earthquakes shows the defined edge of the North American craton is under heavy stress… showing multiple earthquakes at weaker points.

past 7 days 3.0m and greater earthquakes april 15 2014

Past 7 days of earthquakes 3.0M and greater in the United States (up to April 15, 2014).. clearly the edge of the craton is being displaced. Heavy activity at the Western Yellowstone magma chamber, and the Oklahoma Fracking Operations.



Yellowstone showing signs of the overall Pacific stress.  The area has been confirmed to have risen 2 inches in the past 4 months! (A dramatic rise since New Years).

See that whole report here:


and here:



USGS Yellowstone GPS measurements confirm a dramatic rise of 2 inches in 4 months, also confirmation that the area has been pushed 0.5 inches Southeast in the same time frame.

yellowstone earthquake april 14 2014a

The magma chamber for the Yellowstone Supervolcano extends from the NW edge of the craton , Westward across Idaho towards the border of Oregon.


Overall, one final look at the large earthquake activity over the past 30 days… from March 15, to April 14 2014…

30 days 6.0m and greater april 15 2014

Past 30 days of earthquakes 6.0M and greater internationally (up to April 15, 2014) . Large scale unrest is occurring.


Multiple earthquake monitoring links can be found here:




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