4/18/2014 — SURFACE Earthquake Strikes Illinois — Plumes erupting from wells + Volcanic movement showing

An earthquake has struck near the surface in South Central Illinois, at a fracking operation. Depth 0.1km / 0.1miles.

fracking trigger illinois earthquake april 17 2014


Event Time
  1. 2014-04-18 03:02:30 UTC
  2. 2014-04-17 22:02:30 UTC-05:00 at epicenter
  3. 2014-04-17 22:02:30 UTC-05:00 system time
38.037°N 88.747°W depth=0.1km (0.1mi)


Also an earthquake struck near a frack well in Dallas Texas (near a very well hidden frack well)

2.5M texas fracking


fracking texas earthquake april 17 2014a



The series of events began at roughly 3pm Central time, just a few hours before these above listed earthquakes… all of the below events occurred within the same 2-3 hour time frame…

First, a series of plumes kicked off from multiple Oil / Gas wells — happening across multiple states (Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas).

video of the events here:

These Oil / Gas well plumes are NOT to be confused with “control burns” in the forests, or farmers seasonal field burns…… these all erupt off at the same time — only across a few areas.

Most importantly, now with high resolution imagery on Google Earth, each plume location can for sure be traced back to an Oil / Gas well !


craton middle steaming april 17 2014

Several dozen smoke plumes erupt SIMULTANEOUSLY from Oil / Gas wells across Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Indicating MAJOR pressure building on the center of the North American Craton. Each gas/oil well has a release mechanism in case of emergencies. Clearly they are all being triggered at once.


This is not good news.  Major pollution occurring must be reported, as well as a serious geologic event that must be monitored.

We’ve seen these plume events happen before, only during periods of major international geologic unrest.  Previously, in 2011, several plume events occurred at Western dormant volcanoes, and hot springs areas in the Southern United States (MS, AL, GA, LA).

The previous plume events in 2011 were followed by 5.0M events along the edge of the craton, and a 5.9M event in Virginia (which caused damage to the East coast).

This type of plume event happened 6 days ago as well, I personally looked up over two dozen plume locations.  Each location is a pumping / extraction well operation.  You can verify the same by looking up the feed, and triangulating the plume position based upon each county.


Undeniably the plumes are from Oil / Fracking / Injection wells :

oil and gas wells plumes april 11 2014

This happened previously 6 days ago , Kansas and Oklahoma, each plume traced back to a oil / gas well. This previous event was followed by multiple 4.0M earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Now the plumes erupt again, from the same locations as last week.  It is worthy to make note the April 11th plume event happened before we saw the swarm movement occur in the midwest, and Yellowstone.

craton quakes april 11 2014a

Graphic from April 11th going into April 12th showing current earthquake activity after the plume event


At the same time the above occurred ..  today (April 17, 2014 3-4pm Central time) … there were two back to back SURFACE earthquakes at dormant Volcanoes in Nevada.


nevada volcano earthquake


To top it all off, at the same time we saw the plumes erupt in the midwest, and the same time the surface earthquakes occurred in Nevada… approximately 3-4 PM Central time … a seismic event began at Yellowstone National park.


mammoth vault

April 17, 2014 at approximately the same time as the plume event in the Midwest, and the Nevada surface earthquakes at the volcanoes, this began at Mammoth Vault inside Yellowstone National park. It appears these events are related.


After you’ve seen all the above, let me propose a hypothesis.

The simultaneous plumes from wells, surface earthquakes at Volcanoes, and movement at Yellowstone are related.


I explained the process leading to this activity in my Earthquake overview on April 15th (2 days ago):


Also, over the past week, we’ve seen three volcanic plume events on the West Coast of the United States.  Mount Rainier + Mount Adams Washington, and Golden Trout Creek, California.

Mount Rainier, Mount Adams Washington State.  The plume actually caused a “storm” return to be detected on a partly cloudy day :

mt. rainier plume april 14 2014




Golden Trout Creek , California plume event:


mono lake volcanic plume april 11 2014


golden trout peak volcano plume april 12 2014

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