4/30/2014 — Storm system moving BACK WEST?! Possibly MORE severe for South / Midwest

2nd Update 425pm Central time  , May 1 2014:

More damaging winds and strong cell storms forming along the shores of East Texas near Houston..

heading East by Northeast..


damaging winds may 1 2014



UPDATE 2:00am Central time , May 1 2014:
New Line of storms has formed .. along Damaging winds detected across South Alabama and North Florida.. followed by strong cells..

Heading east by northeast across the already flooded areas..

new damaging winds may 1 2014




April 30, 2014 445am Central time:

Please let everyone you know in the Midwest and Southern states…. a repeat event may be coming soon.

As it looks right now, unless something changes soon.. THE FULL BODY OF THE STORM IS PULLING BACK WEST TOWARDS MINNESOTA + NORTH DAKOTA !!

color enhancement west pull april 30 2014

The overall track of the large low pressure system is now moving back West by Northwest towards Minnesota, and North Dakota (as of 455am CT April 30, 2014)

This means we could very well be seeing ANOTHER repeat severe weather event in the Midwest and South over the next several days.

If this system continues to do what it looks like its doing… we’re going from an already “bad” situation, to a real problem for the states which are already damaged, and majorly flooded.

Florida under heavy rain for multiple days now. Equaling any tropical storm precipitation amounts . Possibly even more than a tropical storm.


This new coming severe is developing in addition to the 28th, and 29ths severe tornado events across the South / Midwest.

Here are multiple views of the 29th into the 30th:



Unless the whole system starts pressing East by Northeast, it will be taking ANOTHER draw off the Southern States / Gulf of Mexico… you can see the track it is taking here.

Turn on color enhancement in the upper right hand corner after the feed loads:



As you can see in the above animation. Since the storm is pulling back around, we have to wait for it to “catch” the drag of the Southern heat.

Right now the ‘pulling’ portion of the low pressure system is up over Canada.. as it pulls back down…. AGAIN… it will cause severe weather to develop once it takes the warm moist air from the South, and blasts it northward across the Southern States, and Midwest (mixing it with the Colder northern air).

Lets hope it moves out soon !!!

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