5/04/2014 — Pacific Plate under major stress — VOLCANIC earthquakes in Japan, and USA

Another 6.0M earthquake has struck Eastern Japan (along the coastline).

japan 6.0m may 5 2014

May 5, 2014 (JST) — 6.0M earthquake strikes Japans Eastern shores.


The event occurred directly between two volcanoes, Oshima Volcanic Island, and Izu-Tobu on the mainland.

Volcanoes 11 miles in each direction from the earthquake epicenter.


japan 6.0m volcanic earthquake may 4 2014

May 5, 2014 (Japan time) 6.0M earthquake strikes between two volcanoes. Oshima, and Izu-Tobu volcanoes , along the Eastern Shores of Japan.


In the past few days we’ve seen a cluster of Earthquakes (re) develop from central Japan moving Eastward out to sea —- just south of the area which produced the 9.0M earthquake / tsunami in 2011.

After a 6.0M struck this past week (USGS 5.9M), I started to keep track of the epicenter locations in Japan, and look up each event to see what resides at the earthquake epicenter.

japan earthquakes 7 days may 5 2014

Past 7 days of earthquakes in Japan (up to May 5 2014) 4.0M and greater. Movement occurring a multiple volcanic sites, and adjacent fault lines. Most likely movement at the Volcanoes is due to the high amount of stress on the nearby faults. In turn, placing stress on the magma chambers beneath the island. Larger movement to come most likely, in the near term days to week.

It appears Japan is not only seeing fault movement (again) off the Eastern shores of the mainland.   Additional noteworthy seismic movement is occurring at multiple Volcanic chambers adjacent to the fault.

One day ago, this occurred:


japan volanic earthquake may 3 2014

May 3, 2014 — Moderate shallow earthquake along Japans main island Volcanic rift (reaching several miles NW to SE across the mainland). Indicating short term larger movement along nearby fault lines may be coming. Action in the magma chambers due to high tectonic stress on the nearby offshore fault zone.


Also worthy to note the new flows of lava happening in Hawaii, at Pu’u’ O’o volcanic crater.

The USGS cut the thermal feed on April 28th… however 2 nights ago, the visible webcam picked this activity up.


hawaii volcano may 3 2014

May 3, 2014 — New lava flows atop Pu’u’ O’o’ volcano in Hawaii. USGS cuts the thermal feed a few day prior under clearly heavy lava flow conditions on April 28th.




Over the past 7 days…… in addition to the above international movement occurring, we are also seeing activity at the United States West coast volcanic complexes.

Read the whole post covering these recent developments here:


craton volcanoes earthquakes may 4 2014


You may be wondering why this volcanic earthquake activity is occurring.

For an explanation, please listen to the discussion from Friday nights 2 hour broadcast, where I fully cover the “why” behind this movement.

The Asthenosphere is in a state of flux, thus putting the plates themselves in a state of high unrest.

http://www.fprnradio.com/freedomfrequency ( 1st hour of the May 2nd 2014  broadcast )


asthenosphere earthquakes may 4 2014

The overall cause of the global seismic unrest is now rearing its head. A massive disturbance in the Asthenosphere of the inner Earth. Showing as multiple earthquakes occurring at a MUCH deeper level (near 350 miles depth). The Asthenosphere earthquakes foreshadow coming larger movement in a region.

mantle quakes april 7 2014

April 8, 2014 — This graphic shows a series of deep earthquakes occurring in the Asthenosphere happening before large scale earthquakes in each region. Each area with a deep Asthenosphere earthquake received at last one 6.0M- 7.0M+ earthquake in the past 30 days since the original deep event.

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