5/12/2014 — MAJOR Hail Outbreak — Severe Weather across North, Midwest, and South United States

Video report here:



May 12, 2014 — Mid-Afternoon and Evening (going into the early AM of May 13th) ….

A major hail outbreak is taking place now, and will carry on overnight.  Storms accompanied by damaging winds, and possible tornadoes.

major hail outbreak may 12 2014

Large hail and damaging winds, along with possible tornadoes… across a very large area of the United States.

Multiple states need to be aware…… Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, New York State, Pennsylvania … be ready!



Full size multi-panel mashup of the storm from Chicago to Central Mexico !!

Hail and damaging winds across approximately 1,400 miles (yes, lol, I measured the distance using google earth 🙂 )

full size severe weather may 12 2014


Strangely, the National Weather Service is “remiss” at issuing watches / warnings across the Midwest for this clearly VERY strong storm system.

Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia… all should be under “watch” at least.

The areas currently with storm activity, SHOULD be under warnings, AND watches.  Instead, we see nothing on multiple system feeds.

This lack of putting out notices by the NWS is not good for people who depend on “apps” and email alerts triggered when a watch/warning is issued.

nws slips may 12 2014


Tornado warnings have been issued in Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Detroit..

tornado warning cleveland may 12 2014

(above) Cleveland Ohio Tornado warning issued late afternoon May 12, 2014

detroit tornadoes may 12 2014

(above) Multiple tornado warnings issued around Detroit Michigan Metropolitan Area , late afternoon, May 12, 2014



(above) Tornado warning issued for the Milwaukee area, late afternoon May 12, 2014



Stay up to date with the current weather nationally, and internationally here:




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