5/16/2014 — Washington DC Tornado Warning issued for RADAR Pulsed Area from 3 days prior

330am Eastern Time May 16, 2014 :

A tornado warning was issued near the metropolitan area of Washington DC (just West by a few miles).

A few days prior, a RADAR pulse event (slang term “HAARP ring”) occurred out of Dover Air Force base, targeted over the Washington DC area.

dover air force base may 12 2014


Move forward a few days, and we again see an actual tornado warning, detection of rotation, occur at the area which was pulsed via RADAR .  Weather modification via frequency.

pulse haarp ring confirmation may 16 2014


The above is another example of RADAR pulses generating CCN (cloud condensation nuclei), via the stripping of electrons which occurs as a PRECURSOR to actual visible plasma forming.

It is proved that plasma ions can be generated via high frequency pulses in the 4MHz band.


NEXRAD RADAR pulses (“HAARP Rings”) occur anywhere in the 0-20MHz band, also NEXRAD normally operates in the 2GHz band @ 750,000watts. (high power microwaves)

Enough power to cause the precursor to plasma… which are stripped electrons.  Plasma ions.  Which again, are proved to form into precipitation. 

Thus, the pulses produce precipitation within a few days, after the ions linger (magnetically staying in place inside the earths local magnetic fields of the area pulsed, localized conjugate point magnetism after the High Frequency changes to LOW frequency once the transmitter pulses out into the atmosphere ), the ions collect water molecules JUST LIKE DUST would collect molecules chains, and form into rain  naturally.

If the area is supercharged via pulsing, we see actual damaging winds, large hail, and possible tornadoes develop.  This is most likely due to rotation which develops via High Power Microwave frequency wave injection…. simply put… a rotating source of heat… heat generated via 2.45GHz targeted at a point in the sky.  This has all been proved in the laboratory.

The Dover station has done this before.  See the event here:

dover afb haarp ring final june 28 2013


Storm which hit Dover Air Force base after the above pulse occurred.  Notice the small area to get the actual tornado warning again caused by the Dover AFB RADAR pulse (“HAARP ring”).

dover delaware june 28 2013

dover tornado warning june 28 2013



See all the previous cases of Radio Frequency influenced weather which I was able to document here:


Here are several posts explaining the basics behind the theory of radio frequency modification of the weather, more specifically an explanation on how I believe RADAR is playing a role :







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