5/27/2014 — Colorado 4 MILE LONG Landslide @ FRACKING operation

Video report here:

The title of this article pretty much sums up the facts.

A massive 4 mile X 2 mile X 250ft deep landslide occurred just East of Collbran Colorado.

colorado landslide

Video of the area flyover here:


Ironically the landslide area contains the only nearby FRACKING INJECTION WELL OPERATION.

Sorry for the all caps on that, but its necessary to drive home the point on this.

Main stream media showing this location in their videos, clearly the landslide location contains the only fracking / injection well operation for several miles in any direction:

39°15’50.15″N , 107°53’47.92″W

Pictures prove what words cannot.

colorado frack slide may 26 2014

Indeed it is the only injection well operation for miles, which is DIRECTLY at the landslide location, and explains why / how men were sent out to check on the location….

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