6/01/2014 — Colorado + Oklahoma Fracking Earthquakes — Yellowstone movement returns

The past 24 hours of 3.0M+ earthquakes (up to June 1, 2014) shows moderate earthquake activity occurring along the entire Western portion of the craton.

Activity at Yellowstone supervolcano, and at three fracking operations across Colorado / Oklahoma.

greeley colorado fracking earthquake may 31 2014a

Indeed , at both Greeley Colorado, and Central Oklahoma, there are multiple fracking / injection wells / old oil pumping operations at the epicenter locations.


greeley colorado fracking earthquake may 31 2014


The Oklahoma fracking earthquake swarms continue.

The USGS, and AGU both confirmed the fracking connection to the increased seismic activity in the region in reports released over the past 2 year.

Seeing borderline 4.0M events currently (the past 48 hours up to June 1 2014)


oklahoma fracking earthquake june 1 2014

The “natural” earthquake at Yellowstone showing along the edge of the craton, was forecast to occur a full day before the movement began.

yellowstone warning earthquake may 31 2014

USGS earthquake stats on the Yellowstone event:


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