6/09/2014 — Attacked by ‘professional’ TV Meteorologist Jacob Wycoff – making false charges

A ‘professional’ TV Meteorologist is attacking me on his main social media page! Full court press on me from the NWS!!!!!


Please go over and let him know how you feel about weather modification deniers.

Link below..

Link to the personal ‘ad hominem’ attack here:


Outrageous accusation against me.. unfounded, inaccurate..



Summed up,  he’s calling me a ‘scam artist’ .. saying I’m reporting on weather modification for youtube money????

I just turned my ads on 5 months ago! I makes LESS than 200 a month on the ads… and thats if I make a video every day!!!!!


I’ve been reporting on weather modification for several years now.. its not a ‘popular’ subject to discuss either, just a few thousand views on any given video, or post..

His name … Tee Vee weatherman Jacob Wycoff ??
Seriously?! Lololol 🙂
Screenshot of the Ad Hominem attack here..

“the dutchsinse effect” still going strong! Maybe Jacob should ask the others how it worked out for them….

RADAR / High Power Microwaves do indeed produce tornadic rotation…

Laboratory tests done by a dual doctorate scientist from  MIT , shown on the weather channel last year prove this fact.

Video here for anyone who didn’t know the tests have been done. It has been proved.

Microwaves induce heating, and rotation in the atmosphere… per the real plasma physics professionals… the HPM strips electrons from the atmosphere itself, the charged particles act as CCN (Cloud Condensation Nuclei)… the CCN forms storms… the rotation is caused by rapid temperature rise via a targeted 750, 000 watt 2GHz beam from the RADAR…

Average run of the mill head in the sand deniers simply just don’t know, or are literally denying the findings due to ego (or possibly graft)..

The CCN formation from stripped electrons via HF pulses was also confirmed by Dr. Michio Kaku on ABC and CBS news… deniers are way behind the times on the basics of what they’re pretending to speak upon with certainty… they are proved wrong. Not by me, but by the experiments, peer reviewed papers, US government paid for weather modification projects currently underway,and US Military operations as well..

much more on the topic here:


This isn’t some wild hippy conspiracy! Or is it???


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