6/17/2014 — ALERT! “Isis” execution photos FAKED… photoshop mistake, and wardrobe “malfunction”

Breaking news 8hours after posting this, June 16 2014.. 11am CT  !!!

Main stream media now asking ‘are the Isis photos fake’…….


Isis captioned the photos with the claim that “hundreds have been liquidated”, and boasted on a militant website that the horrific images provide evidence that 1,700 Iraqi government soldiers have been killed by Sunni fighters. Meanwhile Iraq’s chief military spokesman, Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, confirmed the photos’ authenticity.

Moussawi also told AP that an analysis of the images by military experts showed that about 170 soldiers were executed by militants after their capture.

However Erin Evers, Human Rights Watch researcher in Iraq said: “We’re trying to verify the pics, and I am not convinced they are authentic.”

Original post below:

Main stream media is running the “Isis mass execution” story.  All the reports reference a series of videos and pictures released by “Isis”.

However, it would appear that someone who did the photos from “Isis” forgot to add a new layer in photoshop when adding “dead” bodies .

Look at the men in the grey and black striped shirts… look at the mans belt for the blue brush error, look at the shirts photo cut and paste mismatch… blue added multiple times in other picture as well.

Whoops!  Propaganda caught red handed.  Meaning the bodies (at least at the bottom) are added in or altered .. meaning fakery is at work here ….

isis fakeout june 16 2014a

Shirt color bleedover, and a cut off color by a photoshop layer mistake, hair color on man in green shirt has been fully altered / added. Mistake tinge of blue on the grey striped mans belt! Referee sports jersey in the middle…

Photoshop color error, and blue brush error… same blue showing up added to other images…


And, any observant person would notice the other obvious sign of a scripted event…. whats with all the different new soccer jerseys and blue pants on many different men.

isis fakeout june 16 2014

Jihadist photoshop fakery… omg obvious!! Isis … must have hired a n00b to do the propaganda…
Look at these photoshop edges around our jihadist cutouts… or is it even more low tech…. cardboard cutouts???



ISIS-Salahaddin-Division-WC-6 (2)

Green coming off the top of the cab of the truck…. the camo has been ADDED into the image… the brown camo behind the guy pointing his finger goes AROUND his cutout!!!!!!!!! Lolololol

Look at the truck bedliner!!! Lolololol.. er… no bedliner I mean..


Here is tatoott’s video on the subject:


Iraq Crisis: Are Isis Execution Photos Fake?





Different shots , all showing the same common thread…… many more images can be found by doing the search here… these particular images come DIRECTLY from the Isis “program”…. er… “production”.


unedited originals below:






BqHpPdJCIAAb7pc.jpg large

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