6/20/2014 — Texas RADAR anomaly = Weather Modification via plume generation

San Antonio Texas,  late afternoon June 19th, 2014:

texas weather modification june 19th 2014

Pictured above: Multiple circular moisture returns are detected from the San Antonio NEXRAD RADAR before the coming storm. Rising to multiple thousands of feet at speeds up to 90mph. detected as liquid by the hydrometer, not birds, bugs or bats. Most likely weather modification (silver iodide, or ionization plumes) done via ground based injection sites. West Texas Weather Modification Association (WTWMA) regularly operates spray operations before oncoming storms. Aquiess Inc. has done resonance ionization in the past few years as well.


Watch the storms form exactly along the 100nm perimeter of the RADAR station.  Then watch as something odd takes place before the coming storm.

At first I thought it might be “bats, birds or bugs”… but as each 2min refresh on the RADAR shows.. the multiple “emissions” reached high altitude, and speeds of 70-90mph (calculated by the speed at which multiple counties were covered / crossed).

Beginning in the late afternoon, going into the late night, the event occurs in waves, from multiple locations , all beginning at the same afternoon time (ahead of the coming storm).

The waves spread out into high altitude clouds which are returning as liquid precipitation (showing across base reflectivity, base velocity clouds, vertical integrated liquid moisture , echo tops at multiple thousands of feet, and hydrometer classifications as some form of liquid from the NEXRAD RADAR)

Also, a possible tornado was detected as this event spread out !

texas weather mod june 20 2014

All .gif animations below come from the College of Dupage NEXRAD RADAR feed for San Antonio Texas:


texas weather modification june 19 into 20 2014

texas weather modification june 19 into 20 2014 echotops

texas weather modification june 19 into 20 2014 base velocity

texas weather modification june 19 into 20 2014 a11qq

texas weather modification june 19 into 20 2014 a11q


The above RADAR feeds are showing what I believe to be Weather Modification using different types of ground based “plume generators”.  Using ionization stations , and aerosol stations.

Below comes from the AMS (American Meteorological Society), and NOAA / Idaho Power.





Here is the .pdf of the conference from the AMS (American Meteorological Society):



This could also be a release of Silver Iodide.


NOAA announced their 2013 results from Idaho here: