6/24/2014 — North Pole shifting towards Russia — showing dramatic increase in movement

Video update here:


In 2011, the ESA (european space agency), announced it would be launching a multi-satellite project aimed at studying the shifting of Earth’s magnetic poles.



In 2011, the researchers were making note of the steady movement of the magnetic North pole towards Siberia Russia.  Even raising the question as to possible FULL MAGNETIC REVERSAL of the North and South pole.

Quote the 2011 report:

“What if your compass pointed SOUTH one day?”

Move forward almost exactly three years, and we are now seeing the first animated results emerge from this mission (launched in 2013).

The results are in.  Clearly the North pole movement is pressing towards Russia.  With accurate measurements using the new data from this SWARM project, a “speed” and “direction” can be forecast for the future location of the North Pole.

swarm wandering north pole shift

The data shows a noticeable shift from Canada into Russian waters on the other side of the North Pole over the past 100 years.  Accelerating speed towards Russia beginning in the 1970’s.

Also, interestingly, the data shows a weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field overall.  Is this natural?  Human induced weakening?  Combination of both?

Future results from further tests will tell the tale fully.  Until then, we have the emerging data we see here:


swarm a