6/25/2014 — Breaking News — Colorado Suspends Frack well Operation after 2nd earthquake in Greeley

Yesterday (June 24, 2014) I reported on the most recent fracking earthquake, which occurred in Greeley, Colorado.

The screenshot below shows the details of the most recent event.

colorado fracking earthquake june 24 2014

On May 31st 2014, one month ago, the first noteworthy earthquake struck the same fracking operation, producing a 3.4 magnitude, felt across the area by local residents.

The details of the 3.4M fracking earthquake in Greeley are below:

greeley colorado fracking earthquake may 31 2014

Yesterday , June 24th, was the 2nd earthquake to strike Greeley in one months time.  The area in question is NOT a normally seismically active area, thus any earthquake movement at the location is worthy of note.

Now the state of Colorado is responding by suspending oil and gas injection well operations.

This is a smart move.  It has happened once before, in Arkansas (2011).  The governor of Arkansas put a hold on all new injection well operations, and a hold on current drilling operations, after a 5.0M earthquake struck central Arkansas inside a Fracking operation.

Here is the breaking news today (June 25th 2014):


Colorado suspends oil and gas wastewater disposal well after quake


(Reuters) –

“Disposal of wastewater from oil and gas drilling into a Colorado well was ordered halted this week after seismic activity was detected in the area, state regulators said on Tuesday.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission ordered High Sierra Water Services to stop disposing wastewater for 20 days into the well in Weld County after seismologists detected a small 2.6-magnitude temblor on Monday. That came after a 3.4-magnitude earthquake shook the area on May 31.

It is the latest in a string of events linking oil and gas operations with seismic activity in the United States as energy drilling increases, but likely the first instance of its kind in quake-prone Colorado, a spokesman for COGCC said.

“We believe it is probably the first time,” that seismic activity has been linked to wastewater disposal, he said.

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is an increasingly common oil and gas production technique that involves pumping millions of gallons of water underground to release oil and gas. Much of that water comes back to the surface after drilling and is disposed of in large underground wells.

There were about 145,000 of these wells in the United States in 2012 and 309 in Colorado, according to the Colorado Geological Survey.

Both fracking and wastewater disposal have been linked to increased seismic activity in states where energy production is on the rise.

Recent small earthquakes in Ohio were likely triggered by fracking, state regulators said in April, establishing a new link that went beyond just the impacts of disposal wells.

According to a Colorado Geological Survey report from 2012, Colorado is “world famous” for triggered, or induced, earthquakes. Nearly 200 quakes with magnitude 2.8 to 3.4 were recorded between 2007 and 2009 in the Paonia area, largely due to coal mining activity, the CGS said.”

The injection well / fracking operation at Greeley Colorado is apparently being displaced (from the Northwest via pressure on the craton edge)….. this is resulting in unexpected fracturing to occur, which in turn can produce noteworthy earthquake activity.

craton quakes june 24 2014

We should also keep in mind the activity which occurred at the end of May 2014 at the fracking operation in Collbran Colorado, the large eruption of liquidized high pressure sand.


colorado frack slide may 26 2014

In the past, we’ve seen earthquakes as large as 5.0M+ occur in Colorado at the Trinidad Colorado fracking operation (5.0M in 2011, and a swarm of 3.0M+ in 2013)

August 23, 2011 , Colorado had a 5.4M in Trinidad.  Then, later in the day a large 5.9M earthquake struck the East Coast in Virginia (causing damage to to Washington DC).


Above: August 10th through the 24th 2011 — showing earthquakes 2.0M+ in the United States. You can clearly see the edge of the craton is defined by earthquakes. The large 5.0M+ in Colorado, and the borderline 6.0M in Virginia.

I’ve covered the seismic activity which has occurred at the fracking operations in Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Dakotas, California, British Columbia, Netherlands, Italy, England, and Poland  for over 3 years.

See the links and video below for all the past information.



Here is an early 2011 example of me showing the fracking earthquakes back BEFORE the professionals acknowledged the connection between large earthquakes, and fracking.

5.6M fracking earthquake strikes Oklahoma:

More on the fracking swarm in 2011 here:




Always remember, fracking causes earthquakes.

fracking causes earthquakes