6/25/2014 — Weather Modification using frequency — Tornado forms over Indianapolis NEXRAD RADAR / Airport

How many times is too many times before people wake up to the fact that high power microwaves are influencing the weather?

A tornado formed directly over the NEXRAD RADAR station in Indianapolis Indiana, causing damage across the area.

tornado airport nexrad radar june 24 2014 indiana


storm damage indiana nexrad

Damage from the Indiana tornado June 24 2014

tornado indiana nexrad

Indianapolis Indiana , June 24 2014, tornado over the end of the runway at the Indianapolis International airport / NEXRAD RADAR



We’ve seen NEXRAD after NEXRAD, and Airport after Airport be hit with tornadoes directly —- literally, one can watch the storms form at the 100nm and 50nm points, then begin rotation , and finally move towards the center of the RADAR station.

It has happened MULTIPLE TIMES at multiple locations in just a few years time.

Leading the professionals to make note, asking the question:

“Are airports tornado magnets?”




Above: Denver International Airport 2 years in a row , NEXRAD RADAR hit directly at the International Airport.


Answer = No ….. airports are not tornado magnets.

Instead, something at the airport is the “magnet”.

Microwave RADARs are confirmed tornado magnets.  Microwaves are proved to be tornadic vortex generators.

The Weather Channel explains how microwaves can induce a tornadoes rotation:

Here is a 4 part video explanation of directed energy induced weather phenomenon:

Here are several past examples of this happening here in my home town of St. Louis Missouri.  Tornadoes forming over the NEXRAD RADAR in Weldon Springs, then traveling directly over the Air Force RADAR in Maryland Heights, then going to the Airport TDWR in Hazelwood.

Has happened several times in the past 2 years.




Here are over 150 different examples from across the United States, and even in other countries (Germany , and Australia):


saint louis denver june 12 2014


denver dover tornadoes radar haarp rings may 22 2014

Above: Dover Delaware Air Force Base, Annapolis Naval Air Base, and Denver International Airport all receive tornado warnings in the same day, each on having a NEXRAD , TDWR, or military RADAR system functional.

dover tornado warning june 28 2013

Above: Dover Air Force base is the only location to receive a tornado warning after a large RADAR pulse 12 hours prior.

sumpter south carolina haarp ring radar pulse confirmation shaw airforce base

Above: Sumter South Carolina Air Force base is hit directly , 24 hours after large RADAR pulse from Greer South Carolina NEXRAD. First Greer RADAR was hit, then the storms blew directly to Sumter Air Base.


pulse haarp ring confirmation may 16 2014

Above: Large directed / targeted NEXRAD RADAR pulse from Dover Delaware, directed over Washington DC South to Virginia. 3 days later, the only tornado warning for the area falls under the pulsed area from 3 days prior.

haarp ring confirmation tulsa oklahoma march 31 2014

Above: large outbreak of RADAR pulses from multiple NEXRAD RADAR locations. 24 hours later, the center of the area , Eastern Oklahoma, receives a lone detection of a tornado, followed by damaging winds.


scalar radar kansas nebraska march 5 2014 confirmation haarp ring

Above: Targeted RADAR pulse over Kansas and Nebraska. 24 hours later, an ‘unexpected’ snow / ice storm blew over the targeted area.



Above: Large RADAR pulse from Romeoville Chicago targeted to the West. 3 days later, the only severe weather warning to be issued is over the targeted RADAR pulsed area.

double flash radar rings florida and oklahoma oct 17 2011possible tornado over key west florida and dallas texas oct 17 2011a

Above: Key West Florida RADAR pulse event from the NEXRAD located at the Naval Air Station, followed 24 hours later by a possible tornado over Key West Florida Naval Air Station.

tornado radar pulse real time haarp ring