6/25/2014 — Tornado forms over Ohio RADAR — Air Force Defense and TDWR towers

Again, I must ask…… how many times is too many times before people wake up to the fact that high power microwaves are influencing the weather?

A tornado formed, and touched down across Brunswick Ohio, located South of Cleveland.  Causing damage to homes, and property, as well as a few injuries.

Brunswick, OH is the main town between (underneath) two RADAR systems.

brunswick ohio radar tornado june 23 2014brunswick ohio radar tornado june 23 2014brunswick ohio radar tornado june 23 2014a

The TDWR RADAR for the entire region, and an Air Force Defense RADAR covering the Great Lakes both reside around this town.

Brunswick Ohio was the only area around Cleveland to receive a tornado on June 23rd 2014.


“BRUNSWICK, Ohio — The National Weather Service confirmed it was an EF1 tornado that touched down in Brunswick between 6:55 and 7 p.m. Monday night.

Its survey team returned to Brunswick on Tuesday to complete its investigation into the twister as residents continue to clean up.

“I was driving and I looked up, and to use a cliche, it looked like the Wizard of Oz!” said Carey Coleman of Brunswick.

The National Weather Service said on Tuesday that the tornado affected 45 homes and businesses; two homes had major damage near Oak Tree Dr. and Royal Oak Dr.

The storm traveled for almost two miles.

Neighbors said in just two minutes, it was over.

“I saw little pieces of this house and sheet metal coming down on my car,” added Coleman.

Tuesday afternoon, people are left to survey to damage.

One home is without a roof.

“I looked out the back window and saw my neighbor’s roof just started unraveling and this tree snapped so we ran into the basement,” said Rock Passalacqua of Brunswick.

The home next door’s garage is without a wall.

“The garage is wrecked. I was more worried about the roof being torn off because we have three animals,” said Mark Sidel, who lives next door.

Estimated winds were 110 mph.

Surveillance video taken on Royal Oak Drive captured the tornadic conditions.

June 23 2014, the same day as the tornado which hit the NEXRAD RADAR in Indianapolis Indiana.


tornado airport nexrad radar june 24 2014 indiana

We’ve seen NEXRAD after NEXRAD, and Airport after Airport be hit with tornadoes directly —- literally, one can watch the storms form at the 100nm and 50nm points, then begin rotation , and finally move towards the center of the RADAR station.

It has happened MULTIPLE TIMES at multiple locations in just a few years time.

Leading the professionals to make note, asking the question:

“Are airports tornado magnets?”




Above: Denver International Airport 2 years in a row , NEXRAD RADAR hit directly at the International Airport.


Answer = No ….. airports are not tornado magnets.

Instead, something at the airport is the “magnet”.

Microwave RADARs are confirmed tornado magnets.  Microwaves are proved to be tornadic vortex generators.

The Weather Channel explains how microwaves can induce a tornadoes rotation:

Here is a 4 part video explanation of directed energy induced weather phenomenon:

Here are several past examples of this happening here in my home town of St. Louis Missouri.  Tornadoes forming over the NEXRAD RADAR in Weldon Springs, then traveling directly over the Air Force RADAR in Maryland Heights, then going to the Airport TDWR in Hazelwood.

Has happened several times in the past 2 years.




Here are over 150 different examples from across the United States, and even in other countries (Germany , and Australia):


saint louis denver june 12 2014