6/29/2014 — Earthquake overview + MULTIPLE seismic monitoring links for you to use (national and international)

Past 7 days of earthquakes 2.5M+ in the United States.  Showing large movement on the Western, and central portions of the cratons edge.

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7 days earthquakes june 29 2014

Oklahoma with a 4.0M, and multiple mid 3.0M+ events…… Utah with a 4.2M earthquake… followed then by a large 5.2M earthquake due South in Arizona.

Also, West Texas (at a fracking operation) back in the mix, along with Greeley Colorado, Idaho / Yellowstone, and the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

West Coast, California showing multiple 2.0M and 3.0M events, reaching South to Salton Sea.

Pacific Northwest , Oregon, Washington state, British Columbia have been rather silent, in the midst of large movement in all adjacent areas (last week’s 8.0M earthquake in Alaska to the NW of the North American Craton, and the current movement in the midwestern states located to the SE).

major pacific movement today june 23 2014

Above: June 23, 2014 a series of large earthquakes occurred in the North and South Pacific, measuring 8.0M in Alaska, producing a tsunami warning, and measuring 7.2M in New Zealand on the same day. Causing pressure to then be placed upon the North American Craton from multiple areas moving across the Pacific plate.

Watch the silent areas first, also watch the far SW (california). Followed by watching the states along the edge of the craton for further movement in the near term. Some could continue to be noteworthy like the Arizona movement today.

New Madrid to East Coast, also watch for possible movement in the near term. We normally see smaller compensation movement along the edge of the craton when it is dispaced from the West. Meaning we need to watch the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Quebec to New Brunswick Canada.

This is in addition to the other states located along the edge of the craton (currently moving in the 3.0M+ and 4.0M+ earthquake swarms happening over the past few days).. those states : Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas also need to be aware of further near term movement.

global earthquake diagram craton plates 2012

North Mexico, and Central Mexico have also been silent recently. Each time the North American plate is displaced, coupled with larger movement happening internationally, we normally see activity in Mexico. Being silent recently (earthquake-wise) , we should also be watching from Baja South to Mexico city.

This is all NEAR term.. next several days. Lets hope things calm down a bit.

The craton earthquake epicenters usually fall directly upon the “edge” of the plate (as seen in the attached diagram)… luckily we can go with past movement as a model for future activity, thus we can determine where to watch next to some extent.

Since most of the movement is occurring to the central and Western portion of the plate, terminating in Oklahoma via a large pressure release at the fracking operations, we can expect less movement towards the East coast (as Oklahoma is taking the ‘hit’ via its man made weak point @ drilling / frack wells).

Normally (in the past several years) when we have major unrest occurring internationally, and along the Western portion of the craton, the movement in the midwest to East coast has been less than 6.0M in size.

This is somewhat good news. The 2011 5.9M in Virginia (located near a fracking operation), was preceded by a 5.3M earthquake at the Trinidad, Colorado fracking operation, which itself was preceded by at 5.7M earthquake at an Oklahoma fracking operation, which again was preceded by a 5.6M in an Arkansas fracking operation.

Again, a 5.6M led to a 5.7M which led to a 5.3M which led to a 5.9M … all in a few months time….. each event was accompanied by several smaller 2.0M+ and 3.0M+ events.

All this being said, we can “know” where a larger earthquake is going to strike, in the silent areas, and the swarming areas. We can almost nail it down to a few days time frame to watch, and where to watch. The epicenters of the events (seen in the attached graphic) show both the swarming areas, and the silent areas.

Silent areas on the West coast that SHOULD NORMALLY be moving, watch for larger movement. Swarming areas on the West coast, watch for moderate movement, in the 4.0 to 5.0M range accompanied by multiple smaller events on top of one another. Western craton states watch near dormant volcanic areas along the edge of the plate (Yellowstone, Idaho, Nevada and California). Central Craton states watch near the fracking operations only. Eastern craton states watch ONLY along the edge of the craton.. more inland than towards the coast.

Have a plan, don’t be scared, be prepared 🙂

Multiple earthquake monitoring links here:


and here:


The below screenshots will walk you through a progression of events which occurred in 2011, and 2012.  How global seismic unrest translated into United States craton edge displacement earthquakes.  Some of the earthquakes reaching upwards of 6.0M in the lower 48 states.

Each time, beginning as movement to the NW, then spilling across the edge of the craton over a few weeks / months time.  End result, large earthquakes across the US at several man made drilling operations, states along the edge of the craton, and natural dormant / extinct volcanic locations.


Above: August 24, 2011 – a few months after the large Japan 9.0M earthquake, the Pacific plate was in a state of unrest, translating out as multiple earthquakes occurring along the edge of the craton, including the 5.9M earthquake in Virginia, and the 5.3M earthquake in Colorado (which both occurred on the same day no less). This graphic shows 2 weeks of earthquakes from August 10th to the 24th 2011.

14 large earthquakes within 14 days september 15 2011

Above: Move forward less than one month to September 15, 2014 — This graphic shows the large earthquakes beginning September 1, 2011 a series of large seismic events occurred around the entire Pacific plate. Multiple 6.0M+, 7.0M+ and 8.0M+ earthquakes happening over just 2 weeks time. Notice the only place showing no large movement is the United States and Mexico.

5.9 or 6.0 off coast of oregon oct 12 2011

Above: October 12, 2011 — Oregon Coast 5.9 (6.0M) earthquake at underwater lavic field kicks off the craton edge displacement coming from the Pacific Northwest.

Texas 4.8 magnitude earthquake october 20 2011 hydrofracking man made

Above: October 20, 2011 – Texas 4.8M fracking earthquake

oklahoma man made earthquake swarm

Above: November 6, 2011 earthquake swarm in Oklahoma located at a fracking operation

3.1 virginia fracking december 3 2011

Above: December 3, 2011 – Virginia 3.1M fracking earthquake

colorado frack well site december 8 2011 earthquake 1b

Above: December 9, 2011 – Colorado 3.2M fracking earthquake

ohio 4.3 magnitude from fracking december 31 2011

Above: December 31, 2011 – 4.3M fracking earthquake in Ohio

The same thing happened in 2012, first a large earthquake from the North Pacific sends the North American Craton into a state of flux, resulting in earthquakes first along the Western portion of the plate, followed by movement spilling across the edge of the craton into the midwest / east coast states.

6.0 coast of oregon feb 14 2012

Above: February 14, 2012 – Coast of Oregon 6.0M earthquake in new lavic fields

4.0 magnitude new madrid seismic zone feb 21 2012a

Above: February 21, 2012 – Southern Missouri 4.0M earthquake along the New Madrid Seismic Zone (edge of the craton)

7.1 vanuatu march 9 2012 one weeks worth of earthquakes pacific ring of fire 1b

Above: By March 9, 2012 the entire North American plate had been displaced from the Pacific Northwest, South through Texas, and back Northeast to Quebec Canada, along with multiple 4.0M+ events in California, Oregon, and Washington state. Mexico remained fairly silent during this movement to the North.

7.9 magnitude mexico march 20 2012

Above: March 20, 2012 — The silent area in Mexico is hit with a large 7.9M earthquake (this earthquake was ADVERTISTED and preplanned for! Literally advertised on TV, radio, and print for over one month by authorities, to expect a “simulation 7.9M earthquake” to happen at noon on 3/20/2012. Literally at 12:01pm noon, a real 7.9M struck. Obamas family arrived for vacation at the actual epicenter of this earthquake the day it occurred)





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