6/30/2014 — Tornadoes and Waterspouts along the English Channel – United Kingdom

Waterspouts, and tornadoes forming along the English coastline, crossing into the English channel —- not something you see every day (or every decade for that matter).

thanks to Mark G. for sharing this!

Here are several great pictures of the event which unfolded yesterday,  off the coast of Chinchester, UK  / South Sussex.  June 29, 2014.



english channel water spouts june 30 2014aa

english channel water spouts june 30 2014a

english channel water spouts june 30 2014


“Dramatic pictures emerged today of a tornado-like cloud formation whirling in the skies off the coast of West Sussex.

Stunned witnesses described seeing the giant funnel of cloud over the English Channel near the seaside town of Selsey around 7.15pm.

 Coastguards launched a lifeboat as a precaution, but there was no distress signal.

Twisting cloud formations like those pictured only technically qualify as tornadoes if they make contact with the ground – over sea they are usually called waterspouts.
But despite their name, waterspouts do not suck up water as the water seen in the main funnel cloud is actually water droplets formed by condensation.

Father-of-two Carey Mackinnon, a Coastguard watch manager, saw the formation.The 57-year-old said: ‘I was driving to Selsey from Chichester to deliver some lights when I saw out of the window a long way in front of me.
‘It was an incredible sight, something I’ve never seen before in England. I’ve seen them on TV of course, but not here.
‘I stopped the car and took some pictures and then drove on to a car park near the lifeboat station to take some more. It really was quite dramatic and the pictures rather belittle it.”


uk tornadoes