7/06/2014 — Japan to be hit by Super Typhoon “NEOGURI” – Category 5 storm

A very strong tropical low pressure system formed over the West Pacific near Guam, and has now progressed into a full Category 5 storm, winds up to 150mph+ .

This storm will be causing serious damage to the outlying Japanese Islands, and (if it maintains it strength) will be causing some serious issues on the mainland of Japan itself.

neoguri still image

The storm is taking a path North by Northeast, which will be bringing Typhoon Neoguri over the Southern Japanese islands (areas like Okinawa) at Category 5 strength.

japan neoguri typhoon july 6 2014


The storms track (as seen above) will eventually be bringing a forecasted Category 3 typhoon over the main Island of Japan before going back out into the North Pacific.

Professionals are now referring to the storm as “SUPER-Typhoon” Neoguri:


neoguri still image super typhoon

Multiple views of the storm can be obtained via the links below:




neoguri rbtop

neoguri ir

neoguri rgb

neoguri rainbowir

neoguri rgb mimic tpw

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