7/08/2014 — Supercell Storms move through St. Louis, Missouri — AMAZING lightning!

July 7th 2014 was a day of major storm outbreaks across the midwestern United States.

Late afternoon proved to be a kickoff for several large supercell thunderstorms to break out across the area which I reside — Saint Louis, Missouri.

Managed to get out the new waterproof outdoor multi-spectrum (IR,Visible light,UV) video camera, and capture approximately 30 minutes of video using multiple modes mixing between UV and IR.

multispectrum lightninga

Above: Screen capture of a bolt of lightning from multi-spectrum (IR/UV) video shot approximately 7pm CDT , July 7 2014, South Saint Louis Missouri facing East, Southeast

The video of the storm blowing across South St. Louis, MO — sped up 8X for a time-lapse effect, can be viewed here:

Later in the night, from approximately 7pm CDT to 2am CDT, a 2nd line of strong cells blew across the area, producing an impressive display of lightning.

saint louis lightning

Above: Approximately 945pm CDT July 7 2014, West St. Louis Missouri (Chesterfield Mall facing W/NW)

Here is a small glimpse of the amount of lightning which occurred during the second line of storms.  Amazing to say the least!