Metal Tornado Sci-Fi movie — HAARP wireless power causing Tornadoes

Plot synopsis

by : dutchsinse

Michael (played by Lou Diamond Phillips), is a prominent electromagnetics expert.  He is the lead scientist on a project to transmit / receive high frequency pulses of WIRELESS ELECTRICITY at a Rectenna Array in the United States (literally at what appears to be the HAARP IRI antenna array).

The plot of the movie revolves around Michael’s discovery of a problem within the system.  His discovery, this process of wireless energy transfer is causing electromagnetically formed tornadoes at the base receiver stations.

No one believes Michael when he tries to warn them, he is laughed at and ridiculed, and also intimidated by “higher powers” who refuse to listen… even when damage from the tornado begins to actualize.

Michael, his Geologist friend, and a few concerned scientists, are the only thing standing in the way of the..



Click to pic or link to watch :

metal tornado Higher Resolution

Metal Tornado

Full HD version available for cheap rental on youtube:

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