7/20/2014 — Typhoon “MATMO” forms East of Philippines, heading towards Taiwan (several new links)

A category 1 Typhoon has developed off the Eastern shores of the Philippines.


This storm, named “Typhoon Matmo”, is forecast to be taking a track Northwest towards Taiwan.

Forecast to develop into a category 3 storm.


matmo tracks

Above: Projected path of Typhoon Matmo, heading directly for Taiwan (1115pm CDT July 19 2014)

A closer view of the projected path shows just how close to the Philippines this current storm has developed.

This is on top of Typhoon Neoguri which hit Japan 2 weeks ago, and Typhoon Rammasun, which just hit Philippines / China over the past few days.

matmo track

Above: Closer view of the projected path shows the Typhoon will be grazing by the Northern portion of the Philippines.

Multiple views of the storm can be found at the MIMIC TPW / CIMSS site, and the NOAA “MATMO” floater page:


typhoon matmo

Above: MIMIC TPW provides a total precipitation water vapor / microwave background view of Typhoon Matmo, seen beginning to swirl EAST of the Philippines as the other typhoon “Rammasun” was making landfall on mainland China (seen further West)

IR, visible, and water vapor views from NOAA here:






Satellite Imagery

Satellite Animations

颱風 台風  태풍 malakas na unos




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