8/31/2014 — Fracking Earthquakes Return to Colorado + Live stream of Iceland Volcanic Eruption

Just as we saw in 2011, 2012, and 2013 .. a series of small / moderate earthquakes began to occur in the fracking operations ADJACENT to Oklahoma, and Arkansas after larger West Coast movement.

Today, August 31 2014, the Trinidad Colorado fracking operation, located near the Colorado / New Mexico border, produced an earthquake (after a period of silence spanning multiple months).

colorado fracking earthquake august 31 2014

Information on this earthquake from the USGS:


M2.7 – 40km WSW of Trinidad, Colorado 2014-08-31 10:20:50 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2014-08-31 10:20:50 UTC
  2. 2014-08-31 04:20:50 UTC-06:00 at epicenter
  3. 2014-08-31 05:20:50 UTC-05:00 system time


37.070°N 104.938°W depth=5.3km (3.3mi)


As we saw in 2011, first a series of West Coast earthquakes (California / Oregon / Mexico), followed by larger movement at the fracking operations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

After we saw movement at the midwest Fracking operations, it was followed by movement at the magma chambers of Yellowstone.

Finally, after we saw movement in Yellowstone, there was movement along the rest of the craton edge — at areas in Colorado, East Coast Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Quebec Canada.


Above: August 10-24, 2011 — A series of earthquakes spanning the entire edge of the craton, showing as multiple small / moderate earthquakes at EVERY fracking operation, and dormant volcano. Idaho/Yellowstone, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Quebec Canada

This happened again in 2012.  A series of West Coast earthquakes , followed by midwest movement, followed by Western Craton edge movement, followed by the rest of the craton edge compensating the original movement with new earthquakes at the fracking operations (drilling locations) in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York.

6.0 coast of oregon feb 14 2012

Above: Feb 14 2012 — 6.0M earthquake strikes off the Oregon coast in the new lava fields

4.0 magnitude new madrid seismic zone feb 21 2012a

Above: Feb 21 2012 — 4.0M earthquake strikes along the Midwestern Craton Edge in the New Madrid Seismic Zone

7.1 vanuatu march 9 2012 one weeks worth of earthquakes pacific ring of fire 1b

Above: After 2 weeks of severe movement, by early March 2012, several noteworthy earthquakes had occurred directly upon the edge of the craton, in Quebec Canada, at the border of New York and Canada, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Idaho/Yellowstone, Utah, Nevada, and the West Coast (Oregon / California / BC).


Repeat the aforementioned in 2013, but REMOVE the states which banned new injection well operations.  The earthquakes in 2013-2014 centered in Oklahoma / Kansas / Yellowstone.  Very few in Texas, or Colorado.


Above: December 16 2013 — Again we see a series of larger West Coast earthquakes , followed by movement in the Midwest at the fracking operations of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Dakotas, also movement at the dormant volcanic sites Idaho/Yellowstone, Nevada, and California.


We’ve seen these events repeat YET AGAIN in 2014:


Above: March 12, 2014 — This diagram shows 7 days of earthquakes leading up to March 12, again we see large West coast movement followed by subsequent movement along the craton edge at the fracking operations, and weak points such as dormant volcanoes / old fault lines.

At the same time all the movement is occurring at the fracking operations, we also must make note of the multiple earthquakes at dormant volcanic locations in the United States.  Nevada, Arizona, Idaho/Yellowstone, and in California.  All showing activity at dormant volcanic locations.

california alabama hills butte volcanoes movement may 6 2014a


nevada volcano earthquake


yellowstone volcano california volcanic march 26 2014


arizona new mexic dormant volcano earthquakes july 3 2014a

The global unrest is showing around the Pacific, via multiple simultaneous large volcanic eruptions, this week alone we saw Papua New Guinea erupt, as well as Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland.

Papua New Guinea:


Iceland watch live here:



Below:  August 31st into September 1st 2014 at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland.

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bardarbunga night time eruption sept 1 2014

Capture bardarbunga eruption


Worthy to note, as we saw in 2011, 2012, and 2013 … now in 2014 we’re hearing new reports this week of “sulfur smells” showing up in multiple areas along the edge of the craton, past several days reports in Pennsylvania and Salton Sea volcanic buttes in California.

Hydrogen Sulfide, which smells like natural gas / rotten eggs, is a common byproduct of tectonic movement, crustal displacement, and rising Magma.

Speaking of “rising”.  Last week, reports that California is RISING at an alarming rate, upwards of 1/2 inch in the past several months.  The professionals are blaming the DROUGHT as the cause of the rising crust underneath the plate.   This is an obvious cover story, as we all know drought does not cause expansion in the earths crust.

Take the “California rising” news in conjunction with the other news over the past several months, that the magma chambers on the West Coast are “recharging” and “refilling”.  That Yellowstone has risen over 2 1/2 inches since New Years, and moved 1/2 inch SOUTHEAST along the craton edge in the same time!

Keep in mind the number of landslides, collapses, sinkholes, and other geologic phenomenon reported recently.  For sure, an increase in these events has become noticeable.

Most of these seismic events are indeed related.  We need to keep watch along the edge of the craton, as well as the areas to the North and South of the West Coast of the United States (BC and Mexico) for the next several days.  Possible large movement could come to the areas adjacent to the United States, as compensation movement for the excessive US activity in the past week.

California’s 6.0M actually displaced ground water aquifers to the surface, causing water to flow in dry creek beds. Thus, we can conclude major movement occurred along the NW portion of the plates edge…. meaning… Keep watch on the areas North of the original California movement in Napa Valley / San Francisco.



8/31/2014 — Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland erupting lava and ash

The buildup to eruption at Bardarbunga volcano has been stop and go for over a week.

Multiple large earthquakes, and smaller seismic swarms are accompanying the movement of magma underground as it presses towards the surface.

Now we are seeing visible lava, erupting from a fissure forming to the Northeast of the caldera.

Capture bardarbunga eruption

Above: August 31 2014 – Bardarbunga volcano erupts lava from a new fissure


Watch live here:





8/31/2014 — Freak late summer SNOW STORM at Yellowstone National Park

August 30, 2014

Normally late August is known for its soaring high temperatures.  Across the Midwest and Western states, the late summer is normally a time for heat, and humidity.

Yesterday, however, was an exception to the rule.  A freak snow storm blew up in Yellowstone National Park.

Clearly the weather is changing — weather modification no doubt playing a role in the freak changes.

Download the individual frames here:






8/30/2014 — California earthquake causes water to well up from underground – fills dry creeks

The drought in California carries on, however, the recent 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Napa, CA has caused water to well up in normally dry creeks in the surrounding area near Vallejo , in Solano county .

california creek vallejo earthquake water flowing august 2014

The flow of water began directly after the earthquake, currently still flowing.

At first, residents thought the water might be from a dam several miles up stream, but now it is confirmed to be an underground source.

Full story here:




“Green Valley Creek outside of Fairfield was dry up until Sunday’s earthquake. Since then water has been flowing and residents are worried. It’s not a huge rush of water, but it’s enough for residents to question where it’s coming from.

When water started appearing in Green Valley Creek immediately after Sunday’s 6.0 earthquake, residents started emailing each other.

“They said there’s water flowing in the creek right after the earthquake, what’s going on? The fears are, what if there are fissures in the dam or one of the pipes is broken,” Bill Mayben, Green Valley Landowners Association president, said.

There are two dams upstream from Green Valley Creek, one at Lake Frey and another at Lake Madigan.

The City of Vallejo manages the water system and on Friday, a state inspector confirmed that none of the city’s dams sustained any earthquake-related damage.

Instead, the water, about 300 gallons per minute, is coming from the ground about a mile downstream from Frey Dam through fissures in the rocks caused by the earthquake.


“Our suspicion is that this phenomena, as these groundwater areas drain down as these pockets of water drain down, that it’ll return to its normal flow pattern,” Franz Nesterlode, Vallejo Water superintendent, said. “That’s our expectation.”

Residents are hoping that the water is indeed coming from the ground, and not because of any structural damage..”

8/25/2014 — Man Made Tornadoes — Colorado NEXRAD RADAR induced storm

Another storm , and another tornado has formed in the nearby vicinity of a functioning RADAR tower.

Again, in Colorado — however this time the event occurred near the Pueblo Colorado NEXRAD RADAR station, not the Denver Airport location (as the previous 6 tornadoes have done).

How many time is too many times before people realize high power microwaves ARE having a heating effect, stripping ions, causing electron cascade, inducing CCN formation, and inducing vortex rotation?

pueblo colorado haarp ring nexrad radar storm aug 25 2014

This has happened several times in Colorado this year alone:

denver international airport tornadoes july 28 2014 RADAR

saint louis denver june 12 2014

denver dover tornadoes radar haarp rings may 22 2014


We’ve seen this happen far too many times to be “chance” or “coincidence”… several recent examples below.

stanford tornado airport radar july 28 2014



oceana air station radar

tornado nexrad tdwr radar july 16 2014

binghampton new york tornado nexrad radar

kentwood michigan tornado nexrad radar

brunswick ohio radar tornado june 23 2014a


tornado airport nexrad radar june 24 2014 indiana

sumpter south carolina haarp ring radar pulse confirmation shaw airforce base



pulse haarp ring confirmation may 16 2014


haarp ring confirmation tulsa oklahoma march 31 2014


scalar radar kansas nebraska march 5 2014 confirmation haarp ring


shreveport haarp ring march 2 2014




haarp ring radar pulse confirmation may 23 2014